1.1.It may be more suitable for your particular needs and prospects to resolve your problem without involving Monetha.

1.2.Before contacting Monetha about a problem, you should contact the Seller directly to resolve the problem.

1.3.Monetha Buyer Protection (“MBP”) is valid only if User has a proof that Seller is not willing to solve the issue or Users cannot achieve the resolution for the dispute after direct communication between parties in relation to solving an issue for a specific Deal. Only after the unsuccessful dispute Buyer is eligible to apply for Monetha Buyer Protection program as below.


2.1.MBP enables Monetha to make a final decision at its full and sole discretion of any problem raised by a Buyer in respect of any Goods using Monetha. The final decision may result in Monetha reimbursing the Buyer for the amount of the payment made through Monetha for the purchase as defined in “CONDITIONS FOR REIMBURSEMENT”. Monetha can also initiate other actions including claim or appeal to police and/or appeal to any other responsible institution which can help solving the dispute without Monetha. If Monetha is contacted to resolve an issue, Monetha may ask you to take irreversible actions and find a solution by contacting directly User to User. For example, Monetha can require you to return the item to Seller and etc.

2.2.MBP is neither a product warranty, insurance or any legally enforceable or binding commitment or legal undertaking on the part of Monetha. MBP is a program which works only due to the good will of Monetha.

2.3.The final decision made by Monetha (if any) will always be communicated in writing (by email or using in-app chat) and directly to Users. In the event that Monetha makes a final decision in favor of any party, it will be binding to the parties concerned. The decision made by Monetha might not always be suitable for User’s particular needs, but it does not render such decision made by Monetha invalid, illegal or appealable.

2.4.Monetha is not obliged to reimburse you for any costs that you incur to comply with any of Monetha’s requests for cooperation for the purposes of resolving the problem, or decision made by Monetha (if any).

2.5.If any of the Users is trying to use MBP to resolve problem by acting fraudulent or by deception, Monetha will take necessary legal actions against Buyer, Seller or any other related parties and will ban User Account without right to use Monetha platform again in the future.

2.6.Monetha may reimburse, but is not legally obliged or legally required to do that. You agree that Monetha reserves the right to make a final decision on any problem with the purchase raised by a Seller or a Buyer anywhere in the world. The final decision will always be on the sole discretion of Monetha and both parties (i.e., Users) shall comply with that final decision. The final decision will be made with reference to evidence of the Deal - chats, terms and conditions of the Deal as well as other relevant information. We recommend communicating between Seller and Buyer using in-app chat or email in order to store this information as an evidence in the case of the claim. Monetha reserves the right to abstain from taking any decision or resolution on any Claim problem or Deal.

2.7.Seller who is liable for any reimbursement made by Monetha to the Buyer, works on his interests to resolve dispute directly with Buyer. If Monetha makes a final decision on the Buyer’s problem in the Buyer’s favor, Seller’s rating score and reputation will be decreased.

2.8.Please, consider your options carefully before taking any way for resolving the problem because it may involve you taking an irreversible action, which could be harmful for your prospects.

2.9.Whether you are the Buyer or the Seller, in order to resolve the problem, Monetha may request and require you to provide documentary evidence (at your own expense, unless Monetha agrees otherwise) to support your position during the dispute. You must take any other action that Monetha specifies for getting more details on the Deal and the dispute. If you refuse to comply with Monetha’s requests, Monetha may make a final decision in favour of the other party.

2.10.Monetha reserves the right to change the Buyer Protection terms and conditions at any time, and we will provide Users with adequate notice of any fee changes before they become effective.


3.1.After you noticed any issue with your purchase you should first contact Seller directly and try to solve the issues by yourselves. Please, store all communication history with Seller you used in order to solve the issue. Monetha may require you to provide the extract of communication with the Seller.

3.2.In the case of disagreement between you and the Seller, please open the claim (“Claim”) and fill in accurate definition of the reason(s) of the Claim.

3.3.The Claim shall be open for 30 days after first contact with Seller.

3.4.We may refuse to accept any Claim that you open in relation to that purchase after the expiry of set period.

3.5.After filing the Claim, Monetha will start to investigate the issue. The final decision will be on Monetha’s discretion.


4.1.Contact directly to Seller and try friendly dispute resolution.

4.2.We strongly recommend you to contact using in-app chat or via emails or other communication channels, so you able to provide Monetha with necessary details mandatory for us to proceed with resolution. You are recommended to store all communication between you and Seller.

4.3.If you are not able to find a solution of a dispute, you then may communicate Monetha directly and ask for Monetha to help resolving a problem. Monetha will require you to provide all records of communication between Buyer and Seller.


5.1.Contact Monetha and provide all the information related to:

5.1.1.Goods (damage and etc.);

5.1.2.Communication between parties.

5.1.3.If requested, User who opened the dispute must also send item for the inspection to Monetha or associated partners.

5.1.4.User, who opened a dispute must respond to Monetha’s requests in a timely manner.


6.1.You may be reimbursed under Monetha Buyer Protection only if your purchase is an eligible purchase, except for the following Goods:

6.1.1.The price does not exceed 1 500 EUR;

6.1.2.Purchase of vehicles, except for personally portable light vehicles used for recreational purposes like bicycles and wheeled hoverboards;

6.1.3.Custom made items;

6.1.4.Illegal Goods;

6.1.5.Gift cards;

6.1.6.Physical damages that you could see while making a Deal;

6.1.7.Goods damaged by you;

6.1.8.Your purchase is broken down due to the technical reasons (soft problems);

6.1.9.You bought other Good (not in check described);

6.1.10.You already received recovery from a Seller;

6.1.11.Monetha has already made a final decision on your problem in your favour in other case due to the similar Goods;

6.1.12.Items equivalent to cash;



7.1.In the case of disagreement with Monetha’s final decision, you have to contact Monetha first. The reimbursement or decision made by Monetha is not a commitment, guarantee, warranty, insurance or legally binding or enforceable obligation of Monetha. It will only be provided at the discretion of and at the sole good will of Monetha. Disputes between you and Monetha should be reported to our Customer Service via the email given on our website or by calling the Customer Service telephone number located on the Monetha website.

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