Creative Content Manager

What we do:

There is an increasing need for qualitative consumer data which online businesses require to improve their offerings, such as personalised consumer experience or rewards for loyal customers.

The open secret within the marketing and advertising industry is that it’s built on exploiting our data. Like, when you mention something to a friend and the next thing you know, you are being bombarded with adverts for it. Companies track everything we do online to follow our movement and understand our behaviour. They collect this information, aggregate it, and sell it.

People have various complicated options to stop it from happening, but I believe they should have a better choice – to join the game and earn from it themselves!

Monetha gives people an opportunity to be rewarded for their data. In return for sharing their data with companies, people earn points. And they can redeem these points for products, vouchers, or crypto.

In Monetha we are providing a set of solutions that enables direct communication between end-users and online services, eliminating the need to rely on 3d party data aggregators or centralised platforms. If you are curious you can read more about our vision → https://www.monetha.io/Monetha_white_paper.pdf


We are looking for a Creative Copywriter with management skills, who will lead the team of copywriters, designers and freelancers and push boundaries while keeping the style, tone, quality and voice on-brand.

Join our team from anywhere in the world and have the freedom to create, explore and take our communication to the next level.


  • Plan and execute brand and product content development
  • Manage a team of copywriters, designers and other freelancers
  • Ensure that all content is on‐brand in terms of style, quality, tone, and voice
  • Idea research
  • Social media trend analysis, content creation
  • bring fresh, creative thinking to leverage growth tactics in the most surprising and effective ways


  • Clean and easy to read writing style
  • Knowledge of social media and their specifics
  • 2+ years of a similar experience
  • Proactivity (we hate supervision and micromanagement)
  • Perfect English.


  • Flexible working hours
  • Multicultural and diverse environment
  • Free parking
  • Learning budget
  • Sports and leisure
  • Possibility to work remotely

Salary: 1200-3500 EUR (gross)
*depends on experience

If you have ideas on how to improve our content then we definitely want to talk to you. Check out our blog and social channels, links in the footer 👇


*only shortlisted candidates will be contacted