1.Firststep – initiate the Deal and provide initial information about the Goods: title, description, price. Deal can be initiated by either Seller or Buyer.

2.Secondstep – negotiate the terms and conditions of the Deal. In case any party decides that initial information about the Deal is not sufficient, Users can (and are responsible for) ask for additional information in order to settle all the necessary details to have a fair Deal: warranty information, Goods pictures, delivery details, payment details and etc. Buyers and Sellers can cancel the Deal in this step if his/her expectations regarding Deal details are not met.

3.Thirdstep – Buyer and Seller execute the deal according to conditions defined in Second step. Buyers and Seller should meet in person when possible to finalize the Deal as Platform has built-in functionality to facilitate such form of execution where Buyer must scan Seller’s QR code, which is uniquely created for the particular Deal. By scanning QR code or clicking “finalize the deal” both parties agree on the terms and conditions for that Deal and commit that they will follow the conditions defined in the Deal: Buyer will pay Seller, Seller will deliver Goods in the defined terms and quality, Deal will be executed till defined date and time. Any User is eligible to file a Claim if the agreed Deal conditions were not met​or were breached.

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