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Up to 2% cashback for new & existing Hit customers. Up to 2% cashback on all electronics sales excluding Video Game Consoles. Up to 2% cashback on all DVD, Blu-ray, UMD, HD-DVD and Video Game sales. Up to 2% cashback on CD sales.

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  1. Turn off Adblock and similar ad-blocking plugins
  2. Purchase in a single browsing session
  3. Ensure your cart is empty before enabling cashback
  4. Order using only one device

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About Hit, formerly known as, is a premier online destination in the UK for entertainment enthusiasts. They offer an extensive range of DVDs, Blu-ray discs, CDs, and video games, catering to the interests of gamers, music lovers, and film fanatics alike.
When it comes to video games, stands out as a go-to source for competitive prices across all major console platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. With a vast selection of more than 100,000 formats, there’s something for everyone, from kids to adults seeking immersive entertainment experiences. You can even introduce your grandad to the world of gaming with titles like The Outer Worlds on PS5.

Movie buffs can explore an impressive collection of new releases and classics on Blu-ray and DVD, featuring beloved titles such as Game of Thrones and The Goblin Slayer, as well as timeless gems like Room At The Top.

Trust for a safe and reliable online shopping experience, accompanied by excellent value for money and free UK delivery. Upgrade your entertainment collection with the latest releases and timeless favorites, all available at
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