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Flowers, what a beautiful gift to send for a birthday, anniversary, as a thank you, or just to say “Hi, I miss you”. There are as many occasions to send flowers as there are varieties of blooms and 123 Blumenversand can match any flower to any occasion. 123 Blumenversand is one of Germany’s leading florist and suppliers of floral tributes, arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, and whole host of associated gifts like exquisite chocolates, hand-selected wines, and delicious hand-crafted cakes.
123 Blumenversand’s easy-to-access online flower store makes ordering and sending bouquets, arrangements, and classic gifts easily and quickly. Whether you want to send a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day, a bouquet for international Women’s Day, a fresh arrangement of narcissus to celebrate the end of winter, or a single salmon pink orchid to say that you’re thinking of someone special. But flowers are for every occasion, for work colleagues, bosses, friends, doctors, and nurses, or just anyone who has been kind to you.
The 123 Blumenversand online flower store lets you choose your flowers online and then sit back assured in the knowledge that your flowers will arrive at the recipient’s house, fresh, fragrant, and ready to make the right impression.
And if you want to earn rewards for yourself when you shop online, it’s good to know that 123 Blumenversand.de is an online shopping partner of the Monetha shopping rewards program.
By signing up for the free Monetha online shopping rewards app, you can order from 123 Blumenversand and earn valuable rewards with every purchase. Once you’ve signed up with the app you can shop with over 1,500 online shopping partners – including 123 Blumenversand – and earn points with every purchase. You can then redeem your points for thousands of gift cards from household brands like Nike, Amazon, Ikea, and eBay, exchange your points to invest in cryptocurrencies, or donate them to the charity of your choice.
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Up to   43 per USD
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