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A Quarter Of: Your Nostalgic Sweet Shop Experience
A Quarter Of brings the joy of classic sweets to your doorstep, featuring around 600 beloved treats that will transport you back to your childhood. Indulge in the tastes of yesteryear with favorites like Space Dust, Cherry Lips, Sweet Tobacco, Anglo Bubbly Bubblegum, Candy Necklaces, and Blackjacks. Committed to reviving the nostalgia of traditional confectionery, A Quarter Of continuously updates its inventory to include any sweet still in production.
Having garnered significant media attention, A Quarter Of has been featured on BBC (Good Food Live, Working Lunch), ITV (This Morning), SKY News, Radio 5, The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, and The Mail. Recognized as a leading voice in the confectionery industry, the company's media coverage continues to grow.
In addition to its extensive range of classic sweets, A Quarter Of also offers a unique selection of gifts, including best-selling Wooden Boxes of Nostalgia and beautifully printed gift boxes adorned with a vibrant fuchsia ribbon. Customers can also choose from a variety of jars in different shapes and sizes. As a result, A Quarter Of is increasingly becoming a go-to resource for original and thoughtful presents.
Explore the delightful world of nostalgic sweets and gifts at A Quarter Of and rekindle cherished memories with every bite.
And did you know that A Quarter Of is an online shopping partner of the Monetha shopping rewards program? This simply means that once you’ve downloaded the free Monetha app, you’ll accumulate points every time you shop with A Quarter Of and more than 1,500 of Monetha’s other online stores. These points can then be exchanged for gift cards from some of the world’s top brands. They can also be exchanged for cryptocurrency or used to donate to the charity of your choice. Where else can you get rewarded just for shopping?
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Up to   19 per USD
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