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Abonauten Genuss-Abo

Abonauten Genuss-Abo

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Abonauten.de offers the unique online opportunity to present a gift for all pleasure lovers – especially luxury lovers – wherever they might be. Originally founded as a way of sending the gift of a quality gin subscription to a friend or family member, either as a one-off gift or as a regular subscription. Such was the popularity of the service that it grew to include other much-loved products besides gin.
Although barrel aged gins still feature heavily in the company’s catalog of products, the subscription now includes whiskey, champagne, cheese, coffee, and natural wines. An Abonauten.de gift subscription is a gift for the connoisseurs of life’s fine tastes and experiences. The real success of the Abonauten.de is deep-seated in the idea that people like to give gifts that they may not allow themselves. An Abonauten monthly subscription is also the perfect business gift that keeps you, or you company in mind.
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Up to   80 per USD
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