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American Tourister

American Tourister

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American Tourister is a luggage brand that values quality, design, and fun. With a history that dating back to 1933, American Tourister has been making reliable and stylish luggage that people can trust. The brand's founder, Sol Koffler, had a vision of creating a tough suitcase that could sell for a dollar, and his dream came to life with the birth of American Tourister. Today, American Tourister is one of the largest luggage brands globally, known for its quality, design, and great value.
The brand offers a wide range of luggage products, casual and business bags, suitable for different kinds of travel. American Tourister's products are designed to make travel fun and effortless. The brand understands how people travel and provides products that are right for them.
At American Tourister, the brand's values reflect its supply chain practices. The brand expects its suppliers to treat their workers fairly and provide them with safe and healthy working conditions. It seeks to prevent all instances of child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking, and ensures compliance with all local laws through its Social Compliance Program.
With American Tourister, travelers can pack more fun, travel with ease, and have peace of mind that their luggage and bags are made with care and high-quality standards.
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