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BADINKA is a printed clothing brand for alt-girls. Since BADINKA’s launch in 2015, it has successfully fulfilled and shipped 25 000+ orders. Two thirds of BADINKA’s buyers come from the US while the rest are mainly from Canada, Australia and Western Europe. BADINKA works with some of the best graphic designers worldwide to create unique artwork for their brand in the following niches: festival, rave, Halloween, cosplay and kawaii. They collaborate with major Instagram influencers on the alt scene and their products are sold by established online retailers in niche like Dolls Kill. Currently, BADINKA’s portfolio consists of 400+ bodysuits, onesies, hoodies, leggings, tops, shorts, swimsuits, masks and bandanas. Every year, they release 4 to 6 new collections. Buy from BADINKA and get shopping rewards from Monetha! Every time you purchase from BADINKA you get accumulative Monetha reward points. The Monetha reward points can then be redeemed to gift cards, crypto, charity donations and more!
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