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Capucinne is a US-based online fine jewelry store that specializes in creating colorful, whimsical engagement and wedding rings. With an imaginative approach to design, their pieces tap into your sense of wonder, nurture a feeling of joy, and bring out the beauty that is already inside of you. What makes Capucinne stand out in the fine jewelry industry is their ability to offer extensive customization options as well as fully one-of-a-kind pieces.
Transparency is key to Capucinne’s ethos, which is why they lead by example with their one-of-a-kind custom wedding rings, custom-made engagement rings, and other personalized jewelry. They use only recycled precious metals that prevent the need for new mining and have a deeply involved gemstone sourcing process that allows them to ensure that the gems they use are conflict-free. If you prefer, they also offer lab-grown diamonds and other gemstones, which can be swapped out on any piece of their unique fine jewelry.
Beyond creating future heirlooms, Capucinne is committed to giving back to the community. Every year they choose an organization that shares their values and beliefs to help build a brighter future for all of us. Rest assured, with every purchase you make at Capucinne, you are making an impact and leaving your footprint in this world.
With a focus on sustainability, ethics, and creativity, Capucinne is the go-to destination for anyone looking for unique and personalized fine jewelry.
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Up to   80 per USD
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