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If you think a phone case is just a phone case, Casetify invites you to take a fresh look at its latest styles and designs. Casetify is the ultimate case maker for everyone with more than a sprinkle of individuality, self-expression, and an appreciation for fine art and design.
Once upon phone cases were plain black, boring, unimaginative, and didn’t reflect the character or personality of the owner. That’s why Casetify evolved into an iconic brand that combines functionality and phone safety with unique styling and outstanding design.
Casetify phone cases embody the characteristics of dreamers, playmakers, outside thinkers, free spirits, and all who believe in self-expression and those who never compromise. Flash, funky, and fun are just three words that describe the very best in phone cases, and all are brightly colored with deft splashes of individuality. Initially inspired by Instagram pictures, Casetify continues to rely on contemporary pop culture to discover the inspiration for which it has become essential for everyone who wants to express their identity freely.
And here’s a bonus, Casetify is a member of the Monetha online rewards program. That means that every time you shop with Casetify, you’ll earn Monetha points. The points can then be exchanged for gift cards from some of the world’s top retailers, invested in cryptocurrency, or even used to make a donation to the charity of your choice.
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Up to   32 per USD
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