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Castle Heaters

Castle Heaters

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Castle Heaters are online stockists of an innovative and reliable line of infrared heating systems that provide an energy-efficient solution for outdoor heating needs. Using advanced proprietary technology, infrared heaters reduce energy consumption by emitting long-wave infrared energy directly to people, objects, and surfaces instead of using inefficient conventional methods of heat transfer. This allows users to experience extremely comfortable levels of heat in almost any outdoor environment or climate.
Additionally, these units are easy to install, quiet in operation, and require no maintenance. With a range of sizes available and the ability to switch between gas, electric, and propane fuels, Castle Heaters offer the perfect outdoor heating solution for any commercial or residential application. The company’s initial plan was to design an affordable infrared patio heater that would be both powerful and affordable. Once that was achieved, Castle Heaters evolved and expanded to produce indoor panel heaters and a whole new range of products. The British company now exports thousands of heaters right across Europe every year.
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Up to   80 per USD
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