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Cristalica Germany

Cristalica Germany

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Glass blowing is one of the oldest and most specialized traditional crafts still in existence. Based in the powerhouse of German glassmaking, Döbern, Cristalica has built up over 150 years of glassmaking knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Dedicated to preserving that tradition, the company is continuously innovating its product line and manufacturing techniques.
From glasses of all shapes and uses – cocktail glasses, long drinks, beer, whiskey glasses, cognac glasses, serving jugs, wine glasses, and even children’s colored glasses – Cristalica has spread its design and manufacturing abilities to embrace, tableware, garden ware, glass figurines, glass engraving, bottles, jars, plates, bowls, and a lot more. Cristalica is now one of the largest suppliers in Europe, if not the world.
If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea but don’t know what to get, drop by the Cristalica online store and choose a classically designed piece of glass or tableware, or, choose a gift token and let the person choose for themselves.
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Up to   105 per USD
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