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EMP Austria

EMP Austria

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EMP Austria is a specialist clothing, accessories, and lifestyle online retailer that caters for people who live their lives in the fast lanes of rock’n’roll, gaming, and alternative lifestyle pursuits. From pop culture-inspired tee shirts, sweat tops, jeans, jackets, and dresses to movie and fantasy-inspired clothing, shoes, and accessories EMP have upped the tempo to suit the life you live.
And it’s not just clothing. EMP’s online superstore also stocks fantasy figures, one-of-a-kind jacket designs, and popular culture merchandise – from Harry Potter bathrobes to Slipknot sweats and Star Fleet Academy leather jackets to Assassin’s Creed music soundtracks - EMP is a one-stop shop for unique products, talking point fashion statements, and unique gifts.
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Up to   56 per USD
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