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G DATA is a renowned provider of modern global cybersecurity solutions. However, it is also regarded as developing the world's first antivirus software back in 1987. With over 500 employees and 35 years of digital expertise, the company offers comprehensive and innovative solutions to ensure the security of critical network infrastructures, and millions of end customers right around the world.

At G DATA, the focus is on enabling customers to navigate the digital world with confidence and independence using the most advanced technologies and security solutions. The company's product portfolio includes antivirus software, endpoint protection, and AI technologies such as DeepRay, all of which are designed to provide end-to-end protection against all types of cybercrime.
With its end-to-end solutions and services, G DATA helps its customers stay one step ahead of cybercrime and protects against all types of cyber threats. The company also offers online security awareness training to teach employees safe and secure online behavior, ensuring that its customers are well equipped to face the challenges of the digital world.
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Up to   46 per USD
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