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GoCube Smart Connected Toys

GoCube Smart Connected Toys

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GoCube is the future of play that breathes new life into timeless classic games and toys and brings them into the digital era. The company has re-engineered a whole new generation of games and toys with access to IoT technologies and apps that cross the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. GoCube has developed multiple award-winning products that have opened the door to a new fun and exciting way to create a new impression, develop new skills, and evolve the world of play and socialization.
As a true pioneer in the evolution of the digital and physical world of games and recreation, GoCube has focused on traditional popular family favorites and imbued them with unique designs, highly advanced technologies, and complex digital interactivity, to unleash the imagination and bring toys and games to a whole new level.
As a market leader, the GoCube Edge 3x3 is a reimagining of the old colored puzzle cube reinvented for the 21st century. It’s a fun and interactive way to solve this timeless puzzle while improving cognitive skills, tracking your progress, and having fun while you’re doing it.
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Up to   46 per USD
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