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Herring Shoes

Herring Shoes

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Herring Shoes is an English family business offering top quality shoes from renowned English manufacturers such as Barker, Church's, Cheaney, and Loake.
Herring Shoes is committed to helping customers understand the importance of good quality shoes.
Herring Shoes has built close relationships with many of the Northampton manufacturers, allowing them to launch their own range of footwear made by Northamptonshire factories. In addition, they work with other specialist factories around the world to create the best styles of shoes using the best manufacturers for each style. Their products are tailored to meet the exact needs of customers, and by working directly with the factories, they have the opportunity to create their own individual designs and styles that set them apart.
However, please note that not all the shoes displayed on the website are always available in the shop so please check availability before making a journey.
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Up to   42 per USD
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