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Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon

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Lovers of the great outdoors need no introduction to the Hi-Tec range of sturdy and comfortable outdoor footwear. Hi-Tec boots and shoes are designed to offer comfort, durability, and performance for hikers and walkers alike. Their sturdy glove-like fit and lightweight feel means the ultimate in comfort, wearability, and durability, regardless of the underfoot conditions.
For those with an active lifestyle that enjoy hiking and walking trails, Hi-Tec trail boots are an excellent addition to any wardrobe. These boots are built with breathable and moisture-wicking properties, keeping your feet comfortable and dry no matter where your adventures take you.
The insoles and built-in shanks provide excellent support for your feet, while the quality outsoles give you the necessary grip on any terrain you encounter. With a lower cut design, these boots pair well with a variety of outfits and provide your ankles with the freedom of movement they need.
For the avid adventurer and outdoor enthusiast, Hi-Tec's range of hiking boots are built to withstand some of the harshest conditions on earth and come with much-needed ankle support for hiking rocky trails and uneven terrain. With waterproof features and breathability, your feet will stay dry and comfortable on any adventure. The thick soles with aggressive treading make it easy to traverse steep trails, and the built-in comfort features ensure that your feet will feel great with every step.
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Up to   40 per USD
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