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Lights IE

Lights IE

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Lights.ie is one of Europe’s leading online shopping platforms dedicated to providing lighting solutions for the home. That’s because Lights.ie understand that lights and lighting have the power to change a room and change an atmosphere instantly. Lights can also change your mood and have a calming or stimulating effect, it’s up to you to create the mood you want.
Lights.ie has thousands of lighting solutions in stock and a team of over 35 experts who are willing and waiting to answer questions and advise you on lighting issues regarding design, suitability, light intensity, and much more. With over 500 brands and so much choice and expert advice you’re sure to find, ceiling lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, wall lights, floor lamps, spotlights, track lights, energy-efficient lights, and even outdoor lights that create the effect you’re looking for.
And because Lights.ie is part of the Monetha shopping rewards program – along with over 600 other diverse online stores – as you soon as you download the Monetha app you can start shopping and earning points. Your accumulated points can then be redeemed for a huge selection of gift cards or used to invest in cryptocurrencies, and even to donate to your favorite charity. That means that not only will you find great prices and great products, but you’ll also be rewarded for every purchase you make.
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Up to   25 per USD
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