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LinsenPlatz Germany

LinsenPlatz Germany

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Ask any contact lens wearer and they’ll tell you the same thing – contact lenses and lens care products are expensive. For over 21 years German contact lens specialists LinsenPlatz.de has been a pioneer in the fast and cost-effective delivery of contact lenses across Germany, Austria, and beyond. Contact lens wearers will also tell you about the trust that’s involved between themselves and their lens providers. You wouldn’t put something in your eyes without knowing that you can trust every aspect of production, materials, packaging, and delivery. That’s also another reason why only the best advice, given by real experts, will do. LinsenPlatz.de employ a team of optical and lens experts whose sole job is to offer the best advice to any customers who need it.
LinsenPlatz.de offer all types of contact lenses – daily, monthly, or annual – in all sizes and for all sight parameters. The company only sells products from reputable companies and brands that are long respected in the industry. LinsenPlatz.de is a stockist of Bionfinity, Air Optix, Dailies, Acuvue, Bausch&Lomb, Biomedics, BioTrue, PureVision, and Proclear products, along with their own premier brand of lenses. Additionally, LinsenPlatz.de is also a stockist of a wide range of eye care products like contact lens cleaning and storage solutions, eyelid care products, along with eye washes and gels to refresh and relax tired sore eyes. Also, LinsenPlatz.de is dedicated to delivering premium products at affordable prices, all year round.
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Up to   84 per USD
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