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Mirla Beane

Mirla Beane

Mirla Beane is a fashion brand with sustainability at its heart. All the clothes are made from sustainable, natural or organic materials. The range is designed in the UK and everything is made only a truck ride away. After 40 years in the fast-paced world of fashion, Mirla Beane’s co-founders Lauren and Melanie realised two things: firstly that sustainability is the only way forward, but secondly that ‘sustainable style' is hugely lacking? Why do all truly ethical brands with decent price tags appear to only be about basics? Lauren and Melanie looked around for the dream product, they couldn’t find it, so they created it! Lauren and Melanie wanted to create a truly ethical yet beautiful brand, with inclusive prices and sizing, that supports the next generation of designers and local makers and empowers them to create something really special. Sophisticated but fun. Sustainable yet design-led. 100% transparent in all processes. And with that in mind, Mirla Beane was born. With strong pops of colour, bold prints, ballooning sleeves, and curving seams inspired by nature, Mirla Beane comes from the desire to have wallet-friendly, contemporary pieces in wardrobes that don’t sacrifice ethics or style. All Mirla Beane fabrics are natural, organic or recycled – even down to the buttons (no plastic here!) and all packaging is FSC approved and biodegradable. Nothing gets wasted and nothing goes to landfill. Purchase from Mirla Beane and get shopping rewards from Monetha! Every time you buy from Mirla Beane, you earn the accumulative Monetha reward points. The Monetha reward points can then be redeemed to gift cards, crypto, charity donations and more!
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