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MOSER Trachten DE

MOSER Trachten DE

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MOSER Trachten offer more than 15,000 items of the highest quality and up-to-date traditional costume fashion for women, men, and children from a selection of the very best manufacturers such as Alpine Shine, Astrid Soll, Stock Point, Wenger Austria, Hammersmith, Marjo, and Favorite Garb. From classic to modern and unusual, MOSER Trachten presents the most beautiful costume trends year after year.
From Lederhosen and Drindl to color-coordinated vests, shirts, costume hats and deer-stalkers MOSER Trachten can provide all original and authentic costumes along with elegant and stylish accessories. For the biggest range of traditional costume clothing, MOSER Trachten is expert in every aspect of the etiquette surrounding the wearing of such traditional costumes.
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Up to   88 per USD
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