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Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey

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Ordnance Survey is the national mapping agency of Great Britain and a leading provider of mapping products. With a mission to help more people get outside more often, they develop products and services that make the outdoors more enjoyable, accessible, and safer. As geospatial experts, the OS create, maintain, and distribute detailed location information for Great Britain.
Ordnance Survey’s ambition is to create new ways to bring the outdoors to life so that everyone can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of being outside. With an extraordinary year we've all had, now more than ever there's a strong demand for mapping products as people look to enjoy the outdoors, explore their local area and plan for trips further afield. Ordnance Survey helps people create lasting memories, live longer, stay younger and enjoy life more.
The British Ordnance Survey team is proud of shaping Britain’s place as a world-leading geospatial nation. Their thought leaders are re-imagining and re-thinking the use of geospatial on the global stage to improve our everyday lives. They are the go-to source for geospatial information in the sat nav in your car, the apps on your phone, and the survey of your home.
Ordnance Survey is renowned for its paper maps, as well as the award-winning OS Maps app, loved by walkers, runners, cyclists, horse riders, climbers, and everyone that enjoys discovering the Great British outdoors and getting off the beaten track.
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