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Proviz EU

Proviz EU

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If you want to be safe, you have to be seen, and that’s exactly what Proviz does. Proviz is an award-winning provider of reflective and enhance visibility for sportspeople of all abilities – from amateur cyclists, runners, and outdoor sports lover to professionals and Olympians. Training in the outdoors in winter, early mornings, or at twilight can be a dangerous pursuit, and might even detract from your efforts. Proviz gives you back the confidence to go faster, longer, harder in safety.
Proviz has a huge range of high visibility products that will help ensure your safety no matter what your sport might be – jackets, gilets and vests, tops and jerseys, trousers and tights, shorts and warmers, socks, backpacks, gloves, overshoes, helmets, caps and covers, and a whole lot more. Proviz are also committed to sustainability, community engagement, and social inclusion. If you love the outdoors and that’s where you want to be, you’re already a part of the Proviz team.
And finally, the company never cuts corners to deliver the highest standard in product quality, customer service, and responsivness to customers, partners, and the greater community.
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Up to   48 per USD
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