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The name Repetto is forever associated with the world of ballet and dance. That synergy began back in 1947 when designer Rose Repetto created her first pair of hand-crafted dance shoes for her dancer and choreographer son, Roland Petit. Since then, Repetto has evolved into an iconic brand that sits rightfully alongside names like Nijinsky, Pavlova, Nureyev, Dowell, Yoshida, Swan Lake, Le Chant du Rossignol, Cigale, and a host of other people, works, and places that are synonymous with dance and dancers.
Times and technology may have changed, but the Repetto website and online store has evolved to provide its clients with the same high-quality goods in the same way as Rose Repetto did so long ago. Along with dance shoes and dance costumes, the brand had crossed boundaries with its luxury products now associated with the world of haute couture. This transition is a testament to the quality of the materials used in every product, along with the dedication of the entire team.
Repetto is also an online shopping partner of the Monetha rewards program. This means that once you download and sign up for the free Monetha online shopping app, members accumulate valuable points every time they shop with Repetto and more than 1,200 of Monetha’s other online stores. These points can then be exchanged for gift cards from some of the world’s top brands. They can also be exchanged for cryptocurrency or used to donate to the charity of your choice. It’s a win-win situation with every purchase.
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Up to   16 per USD
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