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Singa Karaoke App

Singa Karaoke App

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Welcome to Singa, the perfect place for karaoke lovers looking to enjoy quality karaoke versions of their favorite songs anywhere and anytime. With Singa, you can sing karaoke at home or hit the stage at Singa-powered venues for a night out you won't forget.
Singa partners with the biggest karaoke producers in the world to bring you an extensive library of karaoke versions of all the best songs. Singa allows you to sing karaoke on your computer, phone, tablet, Android TV, and Apple TV, making it incredibly easy to get started with your karaoke journey.
One of the best things about Singa is the ability to adjust the song pitch to suit your vocal range using the transposition feature in the Singa karaoke app. You can also switch on guide vocals to help you sing your way through an unfamiliar song.
The Singa karaoke app makes it easy to manage the song queue and pop out player so you can browse and add songs while your karaoke buddies are singing. Plus, you can launch the Singa karaoke player in a separate window or TV screen to make sure your karaoke party is a massive success.
Singa is not just for individuals but also for businesses. You can get professional karaoke software to make karaoke a massive success in your bar, private karaoke rooms, or entertainment venue. Singa is the perfect partner for businesses looking to bring the joy of karaoke to their customers.
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Up to   70 per USD
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