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vantastic-foods.com Germany

vantastic-foods.com Germany

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People are thinking more and more about the food choices they make and Velivery is here to help them make the right and most sustainable ones. As Germany’s largest specialist store catering to pure vegans, moderate vegetarians, or conscious flexitarians, Velivery stocks over 150 quality brands and almost 2,000 herbal products to satisfy its customers' food requirements. Whether you happen to be a long-term consumer of a plant-based diet or a novice on the road to reaching a set goal, Velivery is leading the charge in helping nature back to harmony and reducing dangerous CO2 emissions, while helping to promote a healthier lifestyle for thousands of individuals daily.
Velivery is on a mission to change the traditional attitudes toward farm animals and their treatment. Along with premium plant-based food products, Velivery wants to create a sense of empathy with your fellow animals and illustrate the benefits of an alternative lifestyle without the need for meat. But the company doesn’t want to sacrifice taste for sustainability and actively demonstrates a tasty and nutritional alternative to traditional thinking. Every purchase made from the Velivery online store, no matter how small, goes a look way toward making the world a better place.
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Up to   64 per USD
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