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Wolle Roedel Germany

Wolle Roedel Germany

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Once upon a time, handcrafts were just hobbies or something a person would do in their spare time. While that’s still true to a certain extent, handicrafts like knitting and crocheting can give you access to a new stream of income and a new artistic outlet. Wolle Roedel offers an amazing selection of different yarns, cottons, wools, and synthetics for every new handicraft project.
From soft new wool, that keeps little toes and fingers warm, to allergy-free cotton in a rainbow of colors, shades, and tones, Wolle Roedel gives every handicraft lover the gift of choice at the right prices. Whatever your handicraft love might be, the Wolle Roedel online store can offer you everything you need, from raw wool, knitting sets, crochet sets, and fabrics to embroidery materials, stationery, patterns, and instructions, you’ll find everything you need in one place.
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Up to   80 per USD
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