About Monetha

Monetha is a platform that empowers you to earn rewards from everyday online activities.

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What is Monetha?

Join us on this 
exciting journey!

Think of your digital profile as a universal discount card, opening the door to a world of benefits. With Monetha, the power is back in your hands. ​

Monetha is a platform that empowers you to take charge of your digital profile and earn rewards from your online activities or your data.

By engaging with companies — shopping or taking surveys, — you earn points that can be redeemed for products, vouchers, cryptocurrencies, and exclusive deals.

And as companies gain insights into your preferences, they can better cater to your needs and earn your loyalty.

Our mission

We want to revolutionize the way your data is used and ensure you’re the one benefiting from it.

That’s the short and loud — revolutionary! — way to say it. What does it mean, though?

In today’s marketing landscape, your personal information is often exploited by countless middlemen, leaving you out of the equation. But we believe that you should have control over your digital footprint and reap the rewards it brings.

Imagine a world where mentioning something to a friend doesn’t instantly flood you with advertisements. A world where tech giants don’t track your every online move and decode your behavior for eager advertisers.

That’s the world we envision, where user control over their data paves the way for a more equitable interaction between consumers and businesses.

We are not paid for promotion of brands and products. We only receive a commission when users purchase from our partners. This commission is shared with users. All advertisements of Monetha and its partners running by Monetha online are funded by Monetha.

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