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How it works

Fill in your profile and get higher Rewards when you shop!

Find your favorite brands and products  in our partners network.

Your purchase is confirmed 
and Rewards credited instantly.

Enjoy the Rewards for Crypto, Gift Cards or Donation.

Unique benefits available

Enjoy amazing Monetha Rewards!

Enjoy amazing Monetha Rewards!

Convert your Rewards

Exchange your Monetha Rewards for thousands of GiftCards

Donate to hundreds
of global charities

Redeem Monetha Rewards for crypto currencies

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Your profile data is encrypted and controlled by You!

Fill your profile to get HIGHER rewards


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Easy to start earn rewards

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Easy to start earn rewards

You make a purchase at one of the shops from the Monetha App

We automatically 
track the purchase

We calculate and credit 
your Rewards!

stay tuned for smart shopping news!


Frequently asked questions

Yes. Monetha is built to be safe. Privacy and security are our #1 priority. No compromises. Your data is protected with high-level encryption and can only be decrypted by a key that is linked to your device. This means only your authorized device(s) can read this encrypted data. It just looks like random numbers and letters on our servers.

Using our advanced Recovery key mechanism, we ensure you and only you accesses the data at any time.

For your convenience (and avoid losing access to your account), you can choose to securely store a copy of your key protected by a password on our servers.

Regardless of the option you choose, we’re glad to have you with us M. or Ms. 1495dvmk… 🕵️

You decide. When you share your profile with an online shop for extra benefits, Monetha invokes a highly secure data exchange protocol that prevents unauthorized access to your data. 🔐

There are two ways to earn rewards with Monetha.

First, you can shop online via the Monetha application, and for every purchase you make, we give you rewards based on the amount you spent. The more you spend, the more rewards you collect.

Secondly, when shopping with some of our partners, you’ll be offered a special instant discount for sharing your profile with them! This is the best way to earn from your data online.

We’re working on several options right now. A quick teaser… exclusive gift cards, donations to charity, and tokens to name a few…