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When it comes to pastimes, hiking has to be one of the most ironic of them all.

The discomforts of exhaustion, muscle pain, breathlessness, severely blistered feet, and cramp are amply rewarded with spectacular views, remarkable scenery, a sense of achievement, an increase in health and wellbeing, and an overwhelming desire to do it all again.

So, why is hiking so appealing to so many?

In the words of Werner Herzog, ‘The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot.’ And it does.

However, it must be remembered, that as much as hiking can help reveal the world’s magic it can also reveal the hiker’s lack of fitness and preparedness.

The sport is physically exacting and demands that hikers stay in good shape — even when it’s not possible to hit the hills, trails, and forests to enjoy their autumnal beauty.

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Maintaining fitness is a must for hikers.

Even for moderately fit people, hiking requires a different level of fitness than a brisk walk to the store or a couple of laps around the neighborhood park.

Hikes can be steep, on uneven ground, and often in cold, wet, windy, or foggy conditions; all adding an element of risk to your efforts.

As appealing as the lure of traipsing over wild hilltops, or through golden October forests might be, hiking unprepared, both physically and mentally is never recommended.

But, if you are determined that you want to experience both the highs and lows of the rambler, you will need the right equipment.

Experts recommend that the following basic equipment is essential for day hikers.

  • Waterproof backpack
  • Appropriate clothing (including waterproof coveralls)
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Navigation tools (Compass, map)
  • First aid kit
  • Food and water
  • Multi-tool knife
  • Mobile phone and portable charger (for emergencies only)

Monetha has compiled a short list of some of the most important pieces of equipment that you might need, as either a day hiker or a long-distance hiker. And don’t forget, when you make a purchase using Monetha, you’ll receive as a bonus, gift cards for further purchases, cryptocurrency, and even the opportunity to make charitable donations to your favorite organizations.

So, without further ado, it’s time to lace up our boots, chomp on a protein bar, and head for the hills.

Nitro Nikuro Hiking Backpack

The Nitro Nikuro medium-sized 26L, 680g backpack is ample enough to carry all you’ll need for a day in the great outdoors. The main storage space is easily accessible from the top, while the large mesh pocket is both padded and divided — if you really need to bring a tablet or electronic notepad.

The ergonomically-shaped backpack also comes with two bottle pockets, one of which is zipped. It is also well ventilated and offers the additional comfort of an adjustable chest strap.

Haglöfs – Niva Insulated Jacket

You never know when the weather is going to change for the worse when you’re out hiking in the hills, that’s why it’s best to be prepared. Haglöfs have produced the Niva Jacket as a functional ski jacket that offers excellent protection for when things take a turn for the worst.

This stylish dirt- and water-repellent windproof jacket is made from recycled fabrics and comes equipped with a 3-way adjustable hood, two side pockets, a chest pocket, and two inner pockets.

Haglöfs – Khione Jacket for Women

The Khione jacket for women offers super stylish superior comfort and weather protection for hikers who like to feel free when they walk. Made from the highest-quality 2L Gore-Tex material breathability is the key, while still offering more than adequate protection from wind, rain, and snow.

As with other outdoor pursuits jackets in the Haglöf range, the Khione jacket has a dirt and water repellent DWR coating, it also features underarm ventilation zippers, two zipped side pockets, one inner mesh pocket, a removable snow skirt, adjustable velcro hubs, and a Recco reflector in case of emergency.

Men’s UA Charged Raider

Perfectly designed for steep terrain, the charged raider hiking boot’s Vibram Traction Lugs offer consistent grip on rough and uneven tracks. Regardless of the environment you prefer for your hiking trails, the boots are light, breathable, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, supportive, and come with unique Charged Cushioning to lessen the effects of prolonged and repetitive impact.

The boot’s breathable membrane remains 100% waterproof while allowing sweat to easily escape and ensure that you stay dry. They also offer superb ankle support — essential for craggy terrain — along with a hardened foam plate for stability while side-hilling and traversing sharp rocks.

Sea to Summit Quagmire Event Gaiters

Gaiters — shin, calf, and ankle protectors — are usually constructed from sturdy water- and snow-resistant materials and act as over-trousers protection for the lower leg. They are designed to work in tandem with sturdy hiking boots and can be elasticated or have foot-straps to keep them in place.

The Sea to Summit Quagmire Event Gaiters are easy to put on using velcro fasteners at the front — perfect for changing weather and underfoot conditions — and are extremely robust and waterproof while remaining fully breathable for the wearer.

Leki Khumbu Trekking Poles

Hiking poles aren’t just for giving support on rough terrain, they also offer anti-shock technology that helps protect muscles, joints, and ligaments. For long-distance hiking, the Leki Khumbu Trekking Poles are constructed with comfortable Aergon CorTec hand grips and an easily adjustable SpeedLock+ system to extend and reduce the length of the poles in an instant. The length of the poles can be altered between 110 and 145cm.

Reducing the weight a hiker has to carry is of huge importance, that’s why the Leki Khumbu poles are made from super lightweight but extremely strong aluminum tubes. The handles also feature an adjustable strap that is equipped with a safety release for emergencies. A robust tip also guarantees that the poles offer perfect grip and hold on almost any terrain.

Picture Organic Clothing – Hampton bottle

A ready supply of cooling and reviving drinking water is necessary for every hiker. The Hampton Bottle from Picture Organic Clothing is a great portable water solution for hikers. The bottle’s wooden lid prevents spillage when navigating rough terrain and its stainless steel durable construction means that it’s light enough to carry as an essential addition to your backpack for years to come. Additionally, the bottle comes in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Alpina S-Way QVM+ Sports Glasses

Autumn mountain hiking can offer many great rewards, and one of those rewards is blue skies and intense sunshine. Just like in any other sport, hikers need to think of eye protection. The Alpina S-Way sports glasses are acutely designed for sports enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

With comfort in mind, the glasses are designed with rubberized nose pads and cold-formable temple ends, allowing the wearer to adjust the shape for optimal fit. The use of Quattro and Varioflex lens technologies helps to increase contrast, remove annoying reflections, and automatically adjusts the lens’ darkness and tint to suit the ambient lighting conditions.

Performance X-Light Eco Base Layer Top

If you’re going to spend several actively working on a long hike, your choice of underwear is sure to prove important. The right base layer is fundamental for helping you get through your hiking trip in comfort, warmth, and with the feeling of strong support.

As part of a full range of women’s and men’s base layer clothing, the Performance X-Light Eco Base Layer top is fabricated using a range of recycled materials and Ceramicool fibers — and active cooling technology. Besides hiking, the pictured tank top is extremely versatile and is highly suitable for a wide range of sports like trail running, cycling, and long-distance walking. The top also includes active ventilation zones to reduce perspiration build-up.

Mountain Equipment Classic 500 Skydiver Long Sleeping Bag

If a one-day hike is not enough for you, and spending nights under the stars without a roof is your thing, then you’re going to need a pretty good sleeping bag. The makers of the Classic 500 describe their product as being both spacious and comfortable and the perfect all-around bag to use in Spring, Summer, and Autumn in areas where temperatures are rarely severe.

The bag’s specs include 433g of 90-10 pure duck down, an internal length of 205cm, and an internal width of 78cm. With hiking, every gram counts and the Classic 500’s comfortable 1060g is ideal for lugging on long overnight trips. The Helium40 outer shell is lightweight and breathable and is ergonomically shaped to provide maximum warmth and comfort.

Tatonka First Aid Mini

Be prepared – a wise motto for people who spend a lot of time far removed from major population centers, emergency services, and public transport options and who are liable to encounter an accident with every step. That’s why carrying a first aid kid — even a small one like the Tatonka First Aid Mini kit — is imperative. This model is a very basic kit, but it might be enough to provide essential first aid until the professionals arrive.

The kit, which can be attached to a belt, contains most of the items necessary for use in a minor emergency medical situation.

  • Compress – non-stick
  • 1x small bandage pack
  • 2x plasters 10 x 6 cm elastic
  • 5x plaster strips 7.2 x 2.5 cm
  • 1x tick tweezers
  • Size – 10x7x4 cm
  • Material – 100% polyamide
  • Weight – 120 grams

True Utility Skeleton Knife

If you’re going outdoors you’re probably going to need a pocket knife of some description. For what, we hear you ask. The answer is, when you’re hiking you never know what you’re going to encounter where a knife or a utility tool might be needed. You might find a bird or a small animal tangled in rope or nylon. Or you might simply need to cut some fruit, a slice of salami, or open a bottle.

The Skeleton Knife is a small and lightweight pocket knife that punches above its weight. Along with being seriously stylish, but it can be easily opened with just one had. The knife can be attached to a belt, a backpack, or even a key ring for greater convenience.

Shopping with Monetha

Choosing the right hiking equipment is something you need to do very carefully — remember, every gram counts on a long hike over rough terrain.

However, when shopping with Monetha — not just for the best hiking equipment, but all kinds of things — you’ll earn shopping rewards with every purchase you make.

These Monetha reward points can then be exchanged for gift cards, crypto-currencies, or to make donations to charities and other organizations.

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Save on hiking equipment

Never compromise on the quality of your hiking equipment. Save with cashback instead.

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