The Best Back to School Deals you should not miss out on

The start of the school year

Back to school season stimulates mixed emotions in children, parents, teachers, and anyone who has ever gone through the experience.

For some, the time of year when summer slips seamlessly into fall comes with great nostalgia and a longing for times past. For others, it conjures up memories of sadness and the end of long sunshine-filled days spent in the company of family and friends without a care in the world.

And for others still, there is the memory of sickening anxiety that rises in the stomach sometime around the middle of July, year after year.

The thing is this; from pre-school to high school the beginning of fall and the first crunch of leaves underfoot will forever be linked to the emotions associated with a new school year.

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Dealing with back to school anxiety

For kids returning to the classroom, even for those looking forward to seeing their teachers and friends once again, the process will bring its own form of anxiety.

For the little ones, anxiety may be caused by the thoughts of being away from their parents in new surroundings, and among strange people.

For older children, it could be the idea of new teachers, new environments, new friends, or the pressure – real or imagined – of meeting academic or sporting expectations that causes anxiety.

Thankfully, that anxiety fades for most once the year progresses and school uniforms become the norm.

Identifying anxiety

For children returning to school, anxiety can manifest itself in many ways. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms in children.

  • Children can be more clingy than usual

  • They may be restless and unable to relax

  • They may complain of phantom illnesses

  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns

  • Seem more worried and have negative thoughts

  • Appear upset or constantly getting angry

  • Crying without any visual reason

  • Find it hard to concentrate on even simple tasks

Back to school essentials for parents

Despite parents and caregivers being able to soothe the worries of anxious children, they might have an anxiety of their own associated with the process of back to school shopping.

The looming shadow of the new school year means once again balancing the budget in the search for great school supply deals.

Every year it gets more difficult to find the best deals; the price of a new lunch box or laptop seems to have rocketed beyond comprehension. Then there’s the expense of school uniforms, textbooks, pens and pencils, sports equipment, shoes, kids clothes, glue sticks, mechanical pencils, backpacks, and notebooks, the list seems to go on forever.

Even though back to school sales might help cut the associated costs, retail outlets usually finish their price cuts by the end of August or have run out of their top deals even by early July.

So, what kind of school supplies are causing anxiety among parents?

Find the best back to school sales deals online

As children grow and develop physically and mentally, their school supplies requirements will change at pace.

Shoes, sportswear, and even school textbooks that were perfectly fine for the purpose three months ago are now obsolete, too small, worn out, or totally unusable.

So, where do you find all the best deals to fill your back to school shopping hamper?

When do back to school sales start?

As any kid will tell you, as soon as school is out in May the Back To School signs already start to appear in shop windows and online almost immediately.

But that gives parents a chance to plan their purchases and bag the best school supply deals. For those who are not so fast out of the blocks, for whatever reason (lack of money being the most obvious one), by the time September comes around the school sales are already over, or the best school supplies are almost completely sold out.

For most high street retail outlets Labor day deals become the priority – but don’t lose hope, you can still find school year bargains in the Labor day sales.

Shopping online for back to school season

Unlike high street retailers, online shops can handle having access to a large inventory and thus reducing prices.

Already in mid-June tech essentials suppliers like Apple, Microsoft, and a host of others start pushing their school laptops and other tech gear like tablets and smart speakers in order to steal a lead on the high street pack.

Many online e-shopping companies offer great first-purchase deals on back to school tech accessories and tech supplies. These usually include discounts, plus the bonus of reward points, gift cards, or coupons.

But it’s not just limited to tech essentials, all back to school supplies from kids clothes to desk lamps is catered for by online shops.

So, without further ado, it’s time to take a closer look at the back to school shopping list.

Finding school supplies online

Laptops and laptop stands

When it comes to laptop shopping online, you’re spoiled for choice. Once you know the specs that you want and the price you’re willing to pay, then it’s simply down to hunting for the best deals.

That’s where the online shopping rewards app can point you in the right direction while offering rewards like crypto and gift tokens in return for your purchase.

Online suppliers like – a Monetha partner – are offering all makes and models that you might need while also offering free €50 vouchers to be sent in-store. Additionally, if you make your purchase as a member of Monetha you’ll earn extra points to redeem as crypto, gift cards, or even a charitable donation.

Tablets and e-Readers

Buying a tablet or an e-reader can put the frightener on most of us. After all, it’s a lot of money to splash out on one small purchase (“I’m sorry Momma, I left it in the playground and it was gone when I came back.”)

Never fear, online shopping and the best school supplies deals are only a click away. offers savings of over €300 on an iPad Pro 11″ plus a host of other huge savings on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and tech accessories.

If you splash out and purchase a new tablet for your little back to schooler, why not finish off the deal with a unique tablet cover – they come in hundreds of amazing styles at Caseable?

And, as if you hadn’t already made enough savings when you make your school supplies purchase as a Monetha member, you’ll make even more savings in the form of valuable Monetha points.

Bluetooth speakers

For kids who are crazy about their music and can’t go anywhere without it, Bluetooth headphones have become the must-have music accessory.

Music is also part of the curriculum for many students; having speakers with high-fidelity sound reproduction can make all the difference in getting the right grades. Plus, having new bluetooth speakers for the new school season, can make waiting for a bus, a ride home, or studying for long hours in the library a far more pleasurable experience.

If you want to invest in a set of Bluetooth speakers – in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear – that will offer the superior quality beloved by professional musicians, studio producers, and serious music fans, very few brands can compare with the reputation of Marshall.

Download the Monetha app and avail of great savings on back to school season purchases of headphones, and other electronics from Marshall.


From novelty backpacks for pre-schoolers, to serious book-carriers for high school students, making the right backpack choice is an important decision.

With the increase in the amount of books needed by students on a daily basis, finding a comfortable, hard-wearing, and functional backpack is something best not left to chance. A new backpack is more than just a stylish accessory – but it does help to make friends and influence people in your circle – it’s necessary for carrying not only books, but a lunch box, laptops, sports gear, and a host of other essentials.

The online store, carries a huge stock of backpacks, and other items that are sure to be high on your back to school shopping list.

Shopping with Monetha can even help save you money and get great additional benefits like cashback and gift cards.

Sport clothes and sports equimpment

It’s long been known that a fit healthy body helps to increase the flow of endorphins in our minds. Physical exercise reduces body-induced mental stress by releasing the ‘feel good’ endorphins that make us feel positive, happy, and ready for the next challenge. That’s why it’s often said, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Part of any fitness regime for kids, is having the right gear whether your sport is hockey, soccer, football, tennis, or anything else.

Laufbar is an online sports store supplying quality branded sports shoes, track suits, and sports accessories as part of your school supplies shopping list.

When you buy from Laufbar you’ll receive shopping rewards from Monetha. The Monetha rewards can then be redeemed for gift cards, crypto and donations to charities.

Lunch boxes

The school day can be long and tiring, that’s why hungry growing bodies and minds need the right nutrition to keep them on top of their game all day long.

A good lunch box is part of every school kid’s daily routine and should be large enough to carry enough food, be strong enough to take everyday knocks, and is designed to keep a variety of foods fresh and tasting good all day long.

Sure, you could use a plastic food container, but they offer no guarantee of real freshness and taste.

Online store, carry an all year round back to school shopping selection, including backpacks, drinking bottles, and quality lunch boxes.

When you want the best back to school supply deals, making purchases with Monetha and gives you back great rewards in the form of gift cards, crypto, and charitable donations. It’s a win win situation.

Find the best school supplies deals online

Back in the bad old days high street back to school sale were the only place to find the bargains you needed. However, the world has changed a lot since then.

As we’ve said, the start of the new school year can bring a lot of stress and anxiety for both parents and children. But it doesn’t have to be like then.

With the emergence of online shopping partners like Monetha, not only can you make great savings, but you can get accumulative points with every purchase to do with was you please.

Once you’ve finished your back to school season shopping, you can sit back and add up the money you’ve saved, along with the Monetha reward points you’ve collected.

Then, it’s time to treat yourself to a little you time by spending you rewarding points, converting them to crypto, or donating them to a charity of your choice.

Save on school supplies with Monetha

For great back to school deals, along with earning reward points, Monetha offers its members exclusive discounts and rewards that can be redeemed for cashback, gift cards, and charitable donations.

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