How to get Kiehl’s free samples

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Great skincare products can be expensive – really expensive. So, how do you go about choosing a product you’ve never tried before without it costing you a small fortune?

Product reviews and recommendations can remove a lot of the guesswork, but there’s nothing quite like trying the product for yourself.

That’s where Kiehl’s free samples are worth their miniature cuteness in gold.

As one of the most recognized and respected skincare brands on the planet, Kiehl’s understands your predicament perfectly. That’s why Kiehl’s offers a Try Before You Buy incentive, designed to help you match your unique skin type with the perfect skincare products for FREE.

There are two main ways you can nab yourself some much sought-after Kiehl’s free samples; from physical stores, or directly from the Kiehl’s online superstore.

But more of that later.

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Who are Kiehl’s?

Kiehl’s is a renowned skincare brand known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and personalized customer service. Founded in 1851 as a small apothecary in New York City, Kiehl’s has grown into a global leader in the skincare industry.

The brand offers a wide range of skincare products, including cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and treatments, formulated with high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge technologies. Kiehl’s prides itself on its scientific approach to skincare, leveraging over 170 years of expertise to develop effective solutions for all types of skin concerns.

With a keen focus on sustainability, Kiehl’s continuously work to create products that are not only safe and efficacious but also environmentally responsible, making you not only look better, but feel better too.

Kiehl’s free samples are gifts

Kiehl’s free sample gifts are exactly that: gifts. They are a bonus for making a purchase, a way of helping people choose the right product, or as part of a marketing strategy. But they are still gifts.

Unfortunately, some customers believe that free samples are an entitlement.

As a result, these people feel disappointed when they don’t receive the requested free sample; which is often due to factors like stock shortages, limited availability in specific regions, or other valid reasons outside of Kiehl’s control.

However, having said that, Kiehl’s is still more than generous with its free samples, unlike many other online stores that offer no free samples whatsoever, regardless of how much you spend, or how loyal you are to the brand.

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How to claim your free Kiehl’s samples

Here’s how Kiehl’s customers – or prospective customers – can bag some free samples.

  • Kiehl’s customers can receive up to 3 free product samples when they make an online purchase. They can do this simply by selecting the product samples they want at the checkout stage of the purchase process.
  • You may have to enter a coupon code to be eligible to receive your free samples.
  • By using the Kiehl’s online skin reader tool – helping you choose the right product – you can receive complimentary samples with the Try Before You Buy program.
  • Once you choose the sample gifts you would to receive, the samples – if available – will be included with your purchase delivery.
  • If the order is not completed online, the free samples will be removed from the online shopping cart.
  • Sign up for the Kiehl’s Rewards program and become eligible for free gifts, samples, birthday gifts, special offers, and member discounts. You will also earn Reward points with every purchase; these points can then be used for receiving further gifts, rewards, and samples.
  • Earn points for shopping, referring a friends, signing up for a consultation, or even recycling your depleted product containers at your local Kiehl’s store.
  • Kiehl’s Rewards and Benefits program comes in 3 levels – Extra, Super, and Everest.
  • When physical store customers sign up for a Skin Consultation, they will receive product recommendations and samples to help them find the product that’s right for them.

What types of samples can you get?

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Alternative ways to get Kiehl’s free samples

There are several ways to get your hands on free product samples from Kiehl’s. Along with the 4 we mention below, you’ll also occasionally come across offers and coupons as part of affiliations with other stores.

Online orders

When you purchase from Kiehl’s online store, you’ll be invited to choose up to 3 free product samples from a comprehensive list of moisturizers, cleansers and scrubs, eye creams and serums, face masks, toners, and much more. Just click on the designated button, make your selection, and receive your samples with the product you purchased.

In-store pickup

If you enjoy shopping in-store, Kiehl’s physical stores also offer complimentary samples. Simply approach a consultant at the checkout counter, and they’ll be happy to assist you in selecting the right samples to take home.

Loyalty program

When you sign up for the Kiehl’s Rewards Program, not only will you earn valuable points that can be exchanged for goods, but you will also unlock special offers, discounts, events, and access to free product samples.

Other loyalty programs

Besides getting free samples directly from Kiehl’s, you can choose to sign up for an affiliate program like the Monetha online shopping rewards program. When you sign up for and use the free Monetha app to shop for Kiehl’s products, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for free gift cards. Although not technically samples, Monetha lets you earn free products when you shop online with Kiehl’s.

Try before you buy with Kiehl’s

Getting your hands on Kiehl’s free samples is both easy and rewarding. Whether online or in-store, customers can explore a range of complimentary skincare products.

These samples not only let you try Kiehl’s quality but also introduce you to their top skincare solutions. With a dedicated commitment to customer satisfaction, Kiehl’s invites everyone to enjoy their skincare innovations through free sampling.

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