Top Cruelty-Free Vegan Lipstick Brands for Gorgeous Ethical Lips

Seeking out vegan lipstick and organic cosmetics brands without compromise? This guide outlines the best options for ethical, high-quality lipstick. Take a look into our selection of brands that prioritize animal-free products and responsible practices, all while delivering the performance you deserve.

Key Takeaways

  • Vegan lipsticks go beyond aesthetics; they’re about ethics, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability, with brands committing to cruelty-free practices and natural ingredients.

  • Key nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, castor oil, and plant-based waxes ensure vegan lipsticks not only make a fashion statement but also provide lip care by moisturizing, protecting, and giving a desirable finish.

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Luscious Lips with a Conscience

Applying lipstick can do great things for your self-assurance and sculpt the ideal pout. Imagine doing so while contributing beneficially to our world. Vegan lipsticks represent this harmonious fusion of aesthetics, ethical standards, and ecological consciousness. Such lip products are an ode to Earth’s welfare—delivering exceptional performance that does not compromise on societal or environmental principles.

When choosing vegan lipstick, select brands that stand out for their commitment not only to stunning hues and enduring applications but also to prioritizing inclusiveness, moral integrity, and eco-friendliness. These companies aren’t simply about looking good—they’re dedicated to doing good as well!

E.L.F. Cosmetics

E.L.F. Cosmetics, standing for ‘Eyes, Lips, Face,’ is a powerhouse in the vegan beauty market, offering a wide array of makeup products that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Their lipsticks are particularly notable for their rich pigmentation and long-lasting wear, all while being incredibly affordable.

This brand not only provides an impressive range of shades to suit every skin tone but also ensures that each product is free from harmful chemicals and animal testing. E.L.F.’s dedication to ethical beauty practices makes it a favorite among those who are conscious of both the ingredients in their makeup and the impact of their purchases on animal welfare.

With E.L.F. Cosmetics, you can achieve a stunning lipstick look that aligns with your values. The brand’s lipsticks, available in various finishes, from matte to glossy, allow for creative expression while respecting the planet and its inhabitants.

e.l.f. Lip Lacquer Discounts and Cashback
e.l.f. Lip Lacquer
A non-stocky lip lacquer that brings tons of shine and beautiful sheer colors. Enriched with vitamins, it nourishes and smoothes the lips.
4.00 GBP
up to 8% back
e.l.f. Hydrating Core Lipshine Discounts and Cashback
e.l.f. Hydrating Core Lipshine
A luscious hydrating balm that adds moisture and a beautiful sheer tint to your lips. Vegan and cruelty-free.
7.00 GBP
up to 8% back
e.l.f SRSLY Satin Lipstick Discounts and Cashback
e.l.f SRSLY Satin Lipstick
A silky smooth, vegan lipstick with an intense color payoff. Ten beautiful colors to choose for and great value for money.
4.00 GBP
up to 8% back
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Glossier Generation G

Glossier Generation G is a unique addition to the vegan lipstick landscape, offering a sheer matte look that’s buildable for more intensity. This brand has captured the hearts of minimalists seeking a just-blotted lip effect without the fuss. Generation G lipsticks are the epitome of effortless chic, embodying the brand’s ethos of ‘skin first, makeup second.’

With a focus on cruelty-free formulations, Glossier has ensured that Generation G lipsticks are vegan-friendly, aligning with the values of organic cosmetics consumers. The lightweight, comfortable formula allows for a natural lip color enhancement that’s perfect for everyday wear.

The simplicity of the product extends to its packaging, which is sleek and functional, reflecting the brand’s modern aesthetic. Glossier Generation G stands out for those who desire a subtle pop of lipstick color while maintaining a commitment to ethical beauty standards.

Glossier Ultralip High Shine Lipstick with Hyaluronic Acid Discounts and Cashback
Glossier Ultralip High Shine Lipstick with Hyaluronic Acid
A high-shine vegan lipstick enriched with hyaluronic acid to moisturize your lips. It's a lipstick and lip treatment in one product.
20.00 GBP
up to 8% back
Glossier G Suit Soft Touch Lip Creme Discounts and Cashback
Glossier G Suit Soft Touch Lip Creme
A beautiful vegan lipstick that smooths out the lips gives incredible softness and full-on color coverage. Vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.
24.00 GBP
up to 8% back
Glossier Generation G Lipstick Discounts and Cashback
Glossier Generation G Lipstick
A fragrance-free, sheer-matte vegan lipstick that was inspired by makeup artists' lipstick blotting technique. Lots of gorgeous colors to choose from, each bringing its own unique enhancement to your lips.
20.00 GBP
up to 8% back

KVD Beauty

For those who love striking makeup and lipstick styles, KVD Beauty is the go-to brand. The company’s selection of vegan lipsticks offers vibrant pigments that promise durability for impactful statements.

KVD Beauty isn’t solely focused on delivering vivid colors and a standout appearance, though. It is also acclaimed for its commitment to cruelty-free standards, guaranteeing that your beauty regimen remains free from animal harm. Thus, you can flaunt your bold vegan lipstick knowing it aligns with ethical practices!

KVD Beauty Everlasting Hyper-Light Transfer-Proof Liquid Lipstick Discounts and Cashback
KVD Beauty Everlasting Hyper-Light Transfer-Proof Liquid Lipstick
A vegan lipstick that gives you an all-day wear without drying out your lips. Lots of gorgeous matte colors to choose from - from pastel petals to unexpected shades. A transfer-free formula you can wear with confidence.
19.00 GBP
up to 8% back
KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Lipstick Discounts and Cashback
KVD Beauty Epic Kiss Lipstick
A balm-like vegan lipstick with bold and long-lasting color choices. It smoothes out the lips while providing them with lots of moisture for comfortable wear.
12.51 GBP
up to 8% back

Nourishing ingredients to look for in your lipstick

Lipsticks designed for vegans go beyond providing a range of shades and textures. They are infused with beneficial substances that nourish the lips. Among these ingredients, you might find some of these in your lipstick:

  • Shea butter

  • Jojoba oil

  • Castor oil

  • Flower cutins

  • Vitamin E

Known for their hydrating benefits, these components help alleviate dryness while ensuring your lips remain moisturized. They deliver not only color but also a comfortable feeling that leaves your lips soft to the touch.

Now, let’s dig deeper into some of these key ingredients to understand their specific roles more precisely.

Vitamin E

Infused with Vitamin E, vegan lipstick does much more than add color to your lips. It acts as a hydrating agent that softens and maintains the health of your skin barrier. This ingredient is particularly beneficial in preventing dry, chapped lips—a boon every time you apply this cruelty-free cosmetic.

Beyond just moisturizing, Vitamin E in vegan lipsticks protects against external elements like UV exposure and pollution. It strengthens the skin’s own defense mechanisms against oxidative damage from free radicals. Indeed, Vitamin E’s inclusion in lipstick makes for an impressively multifunctional component.

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Castor Oil

Castor oil, a key component often found in vegan lipsticks, is celebrated for its skin benefits thanks to the abundance of ricinoleic acid—a fatty acid that nurtures skin. It serves as a humectant by locking in moisture and reducing water loss from the skin.

Choosing a lipstick with castor oil’s hydrating qualities isn’t only about aesthetic appeal. It also ensures your lips stay healthy. Opting for a vegan lipstick infused with this ingredient means you’re selecting something that not only beautifies but also provides comfort and wellness for your lips.

Plant-based Waxes

Have you thought about what imparts structure and shine to your vegan lipstick? Plant-derived waxes such as candelilla and carnauba are the key ingredients. They play a critical role in achieving the texture and sheen of vegan lipsticks by providing form and enhancing gloss.

Candelilla wax offers a sensation akin to beeswax on the skin, which is why it’s highly valued for its textural contribution to vegan lipstick recipes. On the other hand, carnauba wax adds distinctive textural attributes that give a soft, smooth application experience, ensuring that applying your vegan lipstick is seamless.

More vegan lipstick brands you might enjoy

ILIA Beauty

ILIA Beauty is a champion in the clean beauty space, known for merging skincare benefits with makeup. Their vegan lipsticks are no exception, offering a blend of organic botanicals to nourish the lips while providing a burst of natural-looking color. ILIA stands out for its ethical approach and commitment to sustainability, with lip products housed in recycled aluminum packaging.

The brand’s lipsticks are formulated with a mix of active skincare ingredients and pigments that give a weightless feel and a long-lasting touch of color. ILIA’s dedication to clean, vegan-friendly formulations ensures that you can enjoy a guilt-free beauty routine without sacrificing quality or performance.

ILIA Color Block Lipstick Discounts and Cashback
ILIA Color Block Lipstick
A moisture-boosting vegan lipstick for comfortable all-day wear. Swipe on your lips for a bold look, or pat on your lips for a muted, matte effect.
27.00 GBP
up to 8% back
ILIA Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm Discounts and Cashback
ILIA Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm
A tinted vegan lipstick enriched with moisture-boosting ingredients that gives a nice sheer color to your lips while also nourishing them.
27.00 GBP
up to 8% back
ILIA Multi Stick Discounts and Cashback
ILIA Multi Stick
A multi-use stick for checks and lips that comes in beautiful buildable colors and natural and luminous finishes. It works incredibly well as blush and lipstick at the same time.
36.00 GBP
up to 8% back

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is a brand that prides itself on creating pure and organic makeup products, and their vegan lipstick is a testament to their philosophy. Known for their use of raw, food-grade, and organic ingredients, RMS Beauty offers a range of lip colors that provide natural vibrancy along with hydrating benefits.

Their lipsticks are made with high-quality oils and butters, ensuring that each swipe not only delivers beautiful color but also nurtures the lips. RMS Beauty is committed to avoiding harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives, making their lipsticks a safe choice for those who are mindful of what they apply to their skin.

By choosing RMS Beauty, you’re not just applying lipstick; you’re also nourishing your lips with the finest organic ingredients. Their dedication to health and beauty without cruelty makes RMS Beauty a brand that stands out in the vegan cosmetics community.

RMS Beauty Liplights Cream Lip Gloss Discounts and Cashback
RMS Beauty Liplights Cream Lip Gloss
A skin-nourishing, clean vegan lipstick enriched with organic cocoa seed butter. Gives a gorgeous, dewy finish you can wear with confidence.
23.20 GBP
up to 8% back

How to Choose the Perfect Vegan Lipstick

When choosing the right vegan lipstick, it’s important to look beyond just picking a favorite shade. Evaluate the brand’s selection of hues for one that flatters your complexion and embraces diversity. Examine their commitment to cruelty-free processes and assess how they fit within your budget.

Cost-effectiveness is crucial. Investing in vegan beauty shouldn’t drain your wallet, as there are economical choices available that resonate with both your ethical stance and financial constraints. Opt for brands dedicated not only to excluding animal-derived ingredients but also adhering strictly to cruelty-free standards while focusing on using natural components in their lipsticks. 


Opting for vegan lipsticks allows you to not only enhance your personal aesthetic but also demonstrate a deep affection and consideration for the Earth. Such lipstick is an embodiment of cultural celebration and responsible purchasing practices. Embrace this change, allowing your lips to reflect not merely attractiveness but a powerful message of empathy and enduring care for our planet’s well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the exquisite variety of vegan lip shades available from e.lf., KVD Beauty, RMS Beauty, Glossier, and ILIA to discover the ideal color for your lips. Don’t hesitate to experiment with their selections and purchase several – lots of them are blendable, and you can create your own unexpected shades.

Opting for vegan lipstick ensures that you get premium quality while upholding social and environmental integrity. These lipsticks are crafted using cruelty-free, natural ingredients and frequently feature packaging that is kind to the environment.

A vegan lipstick can contain ingredients like castor oil, Vitamin E, and botanical waxes, which serve to keep the lips moisturized and in good condition.

When looking to purchase the ideal vegan lipstick for you, take into account the variety of colors available, your financial constraints, and whether or not the brand adheres to cruelty-free practices.

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