The best time of the year to buy everything in 2023


You’re going to buy stuff in 2023, no matter what anyone says. You are going to buy stuff.

You’re going to buy stuff you need, stuff you think you need, and stuff… stuff that makes you say WTF way too loudly.

Of course, you’re not going to buy all this ‘stuff’ at once. No, you’re going to turn it into a twelve-month marathon of spending debauchery – if you have the money. With so many major shopping holidays, from mother’s day and father’s day to the Black Friday sales or national ice cream day to national frozen yogurt day, knowing the best time to buy everything gives you a huge money-saving advantage.

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We’re going to break it down, month by month; from those must-have leg warmers and lamé jackets to ‘grandma folklore’ cardigans and Pringle-pattern sweaters. From a new car or new TV set to a new coffee machine or your first pedigree puppy, every month has its own great deals, discounts, and offers both online and in-store.

Calendars aren’t just for Christmas you know

If you’re really going to spend all that money on stuff, you can at least try to shop a little bit smarter and save a little money.

Buy things when they might be cheaper and in less demand. Every month of the year brings its own bargain buys for one reason or another, and that’s what we’re going to look at, month by month.

Meet the best time to buy everything

Let’s face it, nobody plans what they’re going to buy from month to month in the coming year. But some things are less expensive in one month than they are in another.

No matter where you live in the world, there are savings to be made every month, if you know what you’re looking for.

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The large stores have sold their Christmas stock – or as much as they could – that’s why, as soon as the last Christmas cracker has been popped, they’re busy trying to clear their shelves to make way for new stock. That means bargains.


Vacation packages – Traditionally, you’ll see the very first summer vacation ads appear over the holiday season, with the sales following hot on their heels. Travel companies, resorts, hotels, and even national tourism associations are offering what appear to be huge discounts. And there will be discounts to tempt the masses, but beware, some travel agents – not all – increase their prices and then offer discounts to make their deals look sweeter than they really are. Despite this, there are some genuine bargains to be had if you’re willing to look around.

Holiday season gifts and decorations – It might seem a bit weird to go shopping for Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations in the week after the big day is done. But, if you want to stuff cheap, that’s the time to do it. Decorations, candles, lights, packed handkerchiefs, and socks, in fact, all the stuff the stores couldn’t clear in the run-up to Christmas is yours for a song at this time of year.

Gym equipment and memberships – Too much turkey and pudding, too much wine and beer, too many hours lazing in front of a TV set; it’s all bound to have some effect on the waistline. With the arrival of the new year, many of us resolve to get fit, have the perfect beach body in time for summer, and generally improve our appearance and health. That’s why you’ll find hugely discounted fitness gear and gym memberships in January. But remember, it’s not a bargain if you don’t use it.

Home furnishing/White sales – January is traditionally a time for picking up bargains in household linens – towels, bedding, and soft furnishings. What started out as a practice to help support the linen industry during the slowest time of the year has now turned into one of the busiest, and cheapest times to restock your linen cupboard.

Winter clothing and shoes – Already, retailers are making plans for the arrival of spring and summer fashions. They need space to store and display the new lines and to do this winter coats, sweaters, and partywear, along with boots and shoes will often be discounted by as much as 75%.

Electrical goods – While not every electronics retailer will offer big discounts in January, many of the more traditional stores advertise their best deals of the year on TVs, white goods, and home entertainment systems immediately after the holiday season.

Motorcycles – If you’ve dreamed of taking to the open roads with the wind in your hair and the sun on your back, January is the time to check out motorcycles. It’s far easier to get a significant discount when the roads are covered in snow and ice and the wind in your hair is likely to give you frostbite.


Winter gear – Already retailers are starting to panic that they won’t get rid of all their winter gear in time. With spring just around the corner, snowsuits, super-warm clothing, and sporting equipment all get the heavy discount treatment in February.

Chocolates and romantic gifts –February 14th is Valentine’s Day, and we know that flowers, diamonds, chocolates, and weekend getaways all take a huge price hike approaching the day itself. But if you’re willing to wait until after the 14th, you’ll find unbelievable bargains in all of the above. It might not be easy to explain to your partner, but if they like saving money as much as you, it’s probably worth it.

Tax software – It may not be the most appealing of purchases, but when it comes to tax filing time, many companies offer their software products at discount prices.

Heating systems – Finally with the end of winter in sight (even if it is only a speck on the horizon), heating suppliers often try to entice buyers with big discounts. Many people have experienced problems with extreme cold and heating system malfunctions over the winter and have resolved to investigate the cost of a whole new system.

President’s Day Sales – It mightn’t be a big deal to people in other countries, but President’s Day in the US can bring some excellent opportunities to save on a whole range of goods from home goods and large appliances to bedding and electronics.


Luggage – March is known for being the perfect time to pick up the very best deals in luggage and travel equipment. Luggage manufacturers and retailers usually offer substantial discounts in the run-up to the spring and summer holiday seasons.

Gardening equipment – As a way to stimulate sales – despite it still being a bit early to plant outside in many areas – retailers know that spring isn’t far away and are willing to offer discounts on seeds, mulches, planting packs, and other equipment to stimulate early sales.

Golf clubs – You might not get the latest golf club models at discount prices in March, you will get the very best of last year’s models at discounted prices. Sports equipment manufacturers are ready to launch their new models and are willing to heavily discount older models.

Digital cameras – For reasons best known to the camera industry, March is one of the best months for buying affordable digital cameras. This might be in anticipation of the summer travel and vacation season, but for whatever reason, you’ll be sure to find great discounts and deals on even the latest models of camera.

Frozen foods – I had no idea that March is National Frozen Food Month in the USA. What that means – apparently – is that the major frozen food brands like Green Giant, Eggo, etc., offer discounts and coupons on their products. Be sure to keep an eye out when you go grocery shopping in March.

Classic jewelry – The holidays are well and truly done. Christmas, new year, and Valentine’s Day are but a memory and the jewelry stores are feeling the pinch. That’s why March is a great time to find bargains in fine jewelry, engagement rings, gems, watches, and lots more. Even if there are no bargains on offer, it’s the best time of the year to at least ask.

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Easter goods – Easter falls on Sunday, April 9th in 2023, so, if you’re willing to wait until at least April 10th, you’re going to find a lot of sweet discounts. But, while the discounts will be pretty impressive stocks will disappear quickly to make way for the summer season.

Home improvement materials – Winter is officially over, and DIY retailers know what it takes people to start work on those projects that have taken a back seat over the long dark months. That’s why they’re willing to offer big discounts on things like wallpapers, tools, yard equipment, paints, and lots more.

Vegetables and seasonal products – As spring is about to be sprung, April see the first bountiful crops of fresh green produce. While the new season fresh products may not be at their cheapest, they are always welcome after a long winter. Just the sight of bright cauliflowers, delicate mushrooms, luscious green lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, and leeks adds a whole new shopping experience to this time of year.

Cookware – April is renowned for retailers offering great sales prices on cookware. Whether that’s because of the upcoming wedding season or not, high-quality cookware sets like Le Creuset, Dansk, Caraway, GreenPan, and others can usually be found heavily discounted in the month of April.

Car services and parts – Here’s another thing I didn’t know; April is National Car Care Month in the USA. Now that winter is gone but has taken its toll on cars, April is a good time to take advantage of discounts on auto parts, new tires, tune-ups, and full engine services.

Yard sales and secondhand goods – After the winter season has ended, many people tend to declutter their homes, garages, and even office spaces. This decluttering process sees the proliferation of yard sales where bargains can be found, and an influx of new stock in secondhand shops and thrift stores.

Spring fashions – Depending on the ambient temperature where you live, April often sees retailers eager to rid their shelves of spring stock to make way for the coming summer. To do this, they usually discount stock that is still regarded as being in-season.


Electronics and Appliances – With the Memorial Day weekend in the US comes sizeable discounts on all kinds of electrical appliances. Refrigerators are one of the most heavily discounted items during the Memorial Day sales with prices slashed by as much as 30%.

Mattresses and bedding – Just like electric appliances, mattresses and bedding are also subject to huge Memorial Day discounts. Online sales at this time can yield huge discounts and when used in conjunction with discounts and coupons from brands like, you’ll save even more on mattresses and bedding.

Star Wars Products – May the fourth be with you. Yes, it is a terrible pun, but May 4th has become synonymous with the blockbuster movie series Star Wars, and there are plenty of discounts, deals, and offers to be found on everything from Light Sabers to Princess Leia costumes. You might have to dig a little deeper to find the right online Star Wars store, but when you do ‘rewards you will have’.

Office furniture – Shopping the day after ‘Tax Day’ – especially for start-up companies – can be a great time to find special offers on office furniture including desks, chairs, meeting room furniture, filing cabinets, and lots more.

Child and baby care products – Once again Memorial Day will influence the prices of certain products and baby products are just one area where you’re sure to find super discounts and deals. From car seats and strollers to romper suits and cots, a host of stores will offer discounts across the board. A quick search on Amazon or buybuyBaby and you can make savings of up to 30% when shopping for baby care products online in May.

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Back to the gym – June is a long time since you made those new year’s resolutions. That’s why it’s a great time for gym owners and sports equipment to remind you that it’s never too late to start exercising. And, to get you back on the path to looking and feeling great they’re willing to offer big discounts on gym memberships and sporting equipment during the month of June.

Snow blowers and winter gear – It’s June, if you need a snow blower maybe you should think about moving somewhere warmer. But June is also a great time to buy equipment that will get you through winter. Things like tire chains, snow blowers, snowplows, and clearing equipment can all be way cheaper at the beginning of summer than just after the first wintery flurries kick in. Also, as spring turns to summer, you’re likely to find great deals on winter clothing, ski gear, and other supplies associated with the colder months.

Spring clothes – As every season ends, retailers will offer huge discounts and deals on outgoing fashions to make way for the next season. Spring is no different, and June will see ‘everything must go’ reductions in Spring styles to make way for Summer.

Last-minute vacation deals – Depending on the weather, (good weather generally means that people will stay closer to home) June can see travel agents offer special deals to make sure that the vacations they bought back at the beginning of the year don’t get left on the shelf. While the deals may not be so obvious, if you’re willing to take the advice of a travel agent with seats and stays to sell, you can make worthwhile savings.

Fruit and fresh produce – June usually sees the arrival of new season fruits from home and abroad. The selection of fruits and vegetables is like at no other time of the year, offering a huge choice of delicious fruits from blueberries to peaches, and watermelons to cherries. While they may not be at their cheapest, the huge selection of fresh fruits on the market more than makes up for paying a little extra.


Furniture – Midway through the year, furniture retailers need to clear a lot of stock from their showrooms and warehouses, and that’s good news for the consumer. To clear this backlog of stock, furniture store owners are willing to offer really tempting discounts, free delivery, and other offers to make way for their new stock.

Home décor – Just like furniture, home décor retailers are anticipating the arrival of their autumn and winter stock and need to find available space to house and display this new stock. To make this space, many retailers are willing to offer any discount that’s necessary to entice buyers to part with their cash. From dinnerware to ornamental decoration, July is the perfect time to upgrade your home and create a whole new atmosphere.

Video games – Whether it’s because the sun is shining and we’re spending more time outside, or the fact that the Steam Summer Sale is in full swing, July is the perfect time to make savings for console game players. Many console game retailers are acutely aware of the downturn in business and offer big savings in response.

Summer clothing – Clothing retailers are already making their Fall merchandising plans, and that means dumping a lot of summer clothing they have in stock. As it’s already July, nobody wants to be spending excessive amounts of money on shorts, light dresses, and tee-shirts, and most summer items will already be highly discounted.

Fourth of July sales – Across the USA retailers celebrate the national day by offering discounts, deals, and sale prices on all manner of goods. From fireworks to garden grills and outdoor seating to sweat suits, every retailer has a different way of celebrating the red, white, and blue with great discounts.

Home dehumidifiers – As July rolls on, some people have already had enough of the summer heat and humidity. However, most people believe it’s too late to splash out on a dehumidifier so late in the season. That’s probably why retailers are ready to offer a pretty sizeable discount to entice consumers to make a purchase they might not normally have made.


Back to school goods – In another month kids will be returning to school, never a cheap undertaking. However, in order to beat back-to-school overspending some US states offer sales tax holidays on back-to-school items like clothing, shoes, sportswear, and a lot more. If you’re not lucky enough to live in one of these states, many online stores offer year-round deals that can help you save a packet at back-to-school time. With the rise in popularity of back-to-school sales, deals on clothing, sports gear, and other necessary times are easier to find.

Summer stuff – From garden furniture and paddling pools to swimwear, clothes, grills, and sandals, August is a great time to save money on garden furniture, clothes, and goods reserved for the summer months. August is also a good time to make savings on indoor furniture as retailers free up space for the arrival of the new season stock.

Laptops and home computers – While Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be the best times to buy electronic devices, many retailers take advantage of the return to school and college for tens of thousands of students. To take their slice of the laptop and computer pie many stores offer out-of-season discounts, and back to school sales on new devices with savings of up to 40 and even 50% on some older computer models.

Patio Furniture – Like the other ‘summer stuff’ we mentioned above, August is a great time to buy discounted patio furniture. Patio and garden furniture could be quite a sizeable investment and any discounts you can get should be grasped with both hands. August can see retailers offering discounts of as much as 75% on garden furniture.

Luggage – When you see suitcases, backpacks, and other luggage in shop windows across the country with discounted prices you know that summer is almost over. Even if you don’t plan on taking a vacation anytime soon, you might have kids making their way to college for the first time and need something to carry their belongings in.

Air conditioning units – August can bring uncomfortable temperatures for much of the US. Many electronics retailers offer big discounts on air conditioners, big and small. While demand might outstrip supply, it’s still possible to find refurbished units on eBay with as much as 50% off equivalent models.

Sunglasses – With the sun waning, the demand for quality sunglasses drops off. In response, retailers drop their prices on models from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim, Persol, and other leading brands. As many of the styles change from year to year, optical retailers don’t want to carry old stock and will offer discounts of 50% or even more to make room for new stocks.


Summer clothing – Now that summer’s gone, and Labor Day is here, there’s a whole world of summer bargains waiting to be cleared from the shelves. Even though you might not know what 2023 clothing trends will look like, there are always certain items that never go out of style. September is the perfect time to pick up a bargain in swimwear, sandals, beach wear, shorts, cardigans, sarongs, and shawls.

iPhones – Apple’s latest smartphone offering is usually announced in early September, just in time for Labor Day, meaning older models are often drastically reduced at this time of year. While not every retailer will drop their prices with the launch of the latest iPhone model, some of the larger brick-and-mortar stores and online stores will be a little more generous. However, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not far away, it might be worth keeping your powder dry until then.

Bicycles – Labor Day is here and the bicycle is packed away for another year, bicycle retailers drop their prices to encourage a little extra sales activity. Some bicycle sellers will even reduce prices by as much as 50% at this time of year.

Airfares and hospitality – With kids gone back to school and many resorts already closed for fall and winter, there are great bargains and discounts to be found with some of the world’s leading airlines and budget carriers. Hotels and resorts that remain open will try to drum up business with special weekend break offers, discounts, three nights for two deals, and much more.

Gardening equipment – With the summer now a distant memory, and fall just around the corner, garden centers, and DIY stores will be doing their best to invigorate sales with discounts on tools, leaf blowers, unsold lawnmowers, garden shears, and planting equipment.

Electrical appliances – September is the month when the big electrical appliance manufacturers release their new product offerings in time for November and the holiday season. Apart from refrigerators, September (and October) is the best time for purchasing big appliances like freezers, washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.


Smoke detectors – For reasons best known to the home safety industry, October sees price reductions in smoke detectors. Perhaps the knowledge that we will all soon be spending more time at home is the reason why retailers and manufacturers push the sales of smoke detectors in October, playing on the notion of our safety and security.

Thermostats – Another item to benefit from the arrival of October is thermostats. Soon temperatures will start to head south, and energy bills will head north prompting people to turn their thoughts to saving money. A working thermostat is hugely important in helping homeowners save money on heating bills, and thankfully retailers know this and respond with discounted prices and one-off deals.

Recreational vehicles – Although RVs are in greatest demand in spring and summer, you’ll get the very best prices in fall and winter. Plus, along with being a time for great discounts, October brings a greater selection of new and used RVs to the market, often with the owners wishing to make a quick sale at a reduced price.

Toys and games – As the big department stores clear their shelves to make way for the arrival of Christmas toys, stores like Toys R Us, Kmart, and Walmart empty their shelves with great discounts. Older models of game consoles, games, and electronic toys will be reduced throughout October until all stock has been depleted.

Hiking and camping gear – If you missed the late spring hiking and camping gear sales season, don’t worry, October brings its very own great discounts. If you’re in the market for tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs, hiking sticks, boots, lanterns or anything else you might need for outdoor pursuits, you’ll find them at great prices in October.

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Electronics and computers – November brings both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales along with huge discounts on everything from laptops and computers to cameras and printers. Whether online or in-store there are bargains galore to be found in every store from Amazon to Walmart. It’s possible to find genuine discounts of up to 50% on a whole range of products and devices.

Car rentals – Did you know that car rental in October – even though there’s increased vehicle demand due to the holiday season – can still offer some great rental deals, especially directly after the holidays. Some companies are even willing to go as far as offering complete bundles including flight, hotel, and car hire.

Health and beauty items – Once again Black Friday and Cyber Monday are responsible for more great November bargains. Although both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only two days from a whole month, retailers try to cash in on the bigger market by offering great deals for the whole month. In November you’re sure to find a huge range of discounted beauty and cosmetics gift sets all wrapped and ready for the holiday season.

Fashion and style – New season, new prices. Once again, to make room for new stock for Christmas and the New Year, retailers online and in-store will reduce prices on Fall stock to make room for the latest winter styles and fashions.

Gift sets – With Christmas and the holidays just over the horizon, gift sets are to be found everywhere. From men’s handkerchiefs and sock sets to boxed soaps and fragrances for women, every retailer wants to take a slice of the holiday season pie. That’s why it’s worth shopping around at this time of year and taking advantage of the competition between traders.


Gift cards – Gift cards make great gifts if you don’t know what to buy for someone. December is a great time to take advantage of deals and discounts on gift cards from some of the world’s most well-known brands. Even if you can’t find a gift card with a discount, many cards will come with extra perks like bonus credit, free gifts, and other big draws.

Champagne – And most people didn’t even know that champagne came with a discount. However, due to the huge demand for bubbles at Christmas and the New Year, retailers often drop their prices or include unique deals (two for one etc.) to entice the buyer.

Pools and yard furniture – Who wants to buy a pool or some yard furniture in mid-December? Whoever it is, there are a lot of pool sellers out there who are more than happy to offer huge discounts to entice buyers to part with their cash during the quietest pool sales time of the year. It’s probably not for everyone, but if you’ve planned to literally take the plunge and buy a pool, December might be the perfect time to make your move.

Home security cameras – December sees retailers significantly dropping the prices of home security cameras and devices in the run-up to the holiday season. Whether that’s because people are anxious about having expensive gifts in their houses, or the longer darker evenings that surround the Holiday Season, the sales of home security devices go through the roof in December. To match this demand, many retailers drop their prices to their lowest point throughout the whole year.

Cars – December is generally a great time to buy a new car and make savings of up to 8% – a lot for a major purchase like a car. Some car dealers also offer great incentives like 0% financing, deferred payments, and cashback offers.


Whatever you’re shopping for, a new aquarium, a silk scarf, a garden pool, a new TV, or a new car, there’s an optimum time of year to make your purchase. Having said that, whether you’re shopping online, or in-store will also determine the level of discount you can expect to find.

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