5 Exquisite Chocolates That Your Taste Buds Will Thank You For

Chocolates – a food loved by all and most would agree is very hard to refrain from. It is not just food but an emotion – A way to mend broken hearts, amplify happiness, and celebrate life’s greatest moments. Chocolates have always been a part of special occasions. No matter how you like them – milk, white, dark, flavoured or in your favourite desserts, you’ll notice each chocolate tastes a bit different from another. 

How? The source of creating delectable chocolates is using high-grade cocoa and the right proportions and time to bring that unique, bitter-sweet taste that we all crave.

Not every bar is prepared the same. There are some brands that can even custom-make your bar or offer flavours that you have always thought would make a great blend. If you want to add rich-tasting and exquisite chocolates to your palette, we bring you the finest options, which are also upvoted by people across the globe!

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1. Personalized Chocolates: Shoko-World De

How do you say “love” without saying it? Through a box of chocolate? Better. Through a box of chocolate with their picture on it! My Shoko-World De wraps the best-tasting chocolates in your most gorgeous pictures for you to enjoy these sweet treats, that come with a personal touch. 

Not are these chocolate bars only covered in your personal motifs, but are made with the finest Belgian chocolate which brings out the solid and intense flavour with each bite. Each of their boxes consists of 24 bars that can be enjoyed for a prolonged period of time. Shop now.

 2. Unconventional Chocolates: Chocri De

We’ve all tried the usual flavours of chocolates, but Chocri De brings an exquisite-sounding twist to them. They have a beautiful collection of hand-made chocolates in flavours you could’ve only dreamed of – Delicate chocolate with noble bourbon vanilla, caramel and fruity raspberry and blueberry curd, vegan chocolates, crisps, matcha and more!

Not only are their chocolates decadent, but they look gorgeous too. They work in a way to make chocolates more fun and less stressful for the environment. They have fairtrade-certified cocoa, all produced in a CO2-neutral way. 

You can choose up to six ingredients for your chocolate creation – all with different based and 80 available types of fruits and nuts. If your uniquely created flavour stands out, you can claim it by naming it after you – something that everyone will remember you for. Bring out the chocolatier in you and create your own delicious chocolates now.

3. Premium French Chocolates: Zchocolat

When you know that your chocolates are made in the hands of a world-champion chocolatier – Pascal Caffet, they are bound to be premium. Pascal has created 26 exquisite chocolate recipes exclusively for Zchocolat, with each adding the ‘extra’ to your ordinary chocolates.

Keeping his French tradition alive in his chocolate-making, Pascal’s recipes have all-natural ingredients, no alcohol or preservatives, high cocoa content and pure cocoa butter.

The premium dark, milk and white chocolates are made with exclusive nuts and French butter and cream that give you the ultimate “melt-in-the-mouth” moments while enjoying the silky yet potent taste of the cocoa.

These chocolates are one-of-a-kind! It’s not just us saying it, Zchocolat was accoladed as “A Cut Above” by the Washington Post and maintains a 4.9/5 rating on top review sites.
Get a taste of Pascal’s very best today! 

4. Guilt-Free Binge Chocolate: Xucker De

Binging on your favourite chocolates might seem like a sinful indulgence at times. As lip-smacking and delightful chocolates are, they are also high in sugar limiting us from enjoying them to our heart’s desire.

So is there a fix where we enjoy them without the guilt of gaining weight, or possible cardiovascular diseases? Xucker- De gives us one! Their sugar-free chocolate is the answer to our guilt-free chocolate cravings. They replace industrial sugar with xylitol – a healthy and natural sweetener; this huge makeover gives us chocolates that taste great and are healthier as well.

Xucker-De brings on an assortment of all kinds of chocolates – vegan dark chocolate with xylitol, classic milk chocolate or unique flavours such as salt caramel, strawberry yoghurt and many more. Xucker chocolate is produced in Germany, with cocoa ingredients that are UTZ certified.
With Xucker-De, do not compromise on the taste or your cravings for chocolates. Get them now


5. Fusion Chocolates: Zotter Scholokade Factory

Forget Willy Wonka! Charlie needs to find Zotter Scholokade Factory if he wants to know what the best chocolates taste like! Known as one of the best and most innovative chocolate factories in the world, Zottercreates artisan-style bars in artfully-designed boxes.

And the taste and variety? Simple The Finest. Whether you’re a 70% of the finest cocoa lover or love a tangy-fruity berry ganache, they have it all. Not just that, they also gourmet the most exotic flavours that clear from the shelves as soon as they arrive. Sour cherry, apricot, and short-dated strawberry seem like they have re-invented chocolates in a way!

Zotter’s focus has always been on variety, quality, innovation, creativity and sustainability. 100% organic, fair-trade and bean-to-bar. 
Check out their entire chocolate collection.


We’ve cherry-picked some of the best-branded chocolates that are creatively flavoured and brilliantly executed. We hope each bar wouldn’t just be a boon to your taste buds, but also give you a wonderful experience while unravelling them! Try these delectables and let us know which one you loved the most! 

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