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best ps4 game deals

Since the introduction of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) on the market back in November 2020, the company has struggled to keep up with the huge demand for its first new platform since 2013.

However, rather than being negative, the introduction of the PS5 has left dedicated PS4 users with a surplus of the best PS4 games at great prices.

While the PS5 might be the coolest kid on the block, your favorite games for PS4, from Grand Theft Auto to Red Dead Redemption and all the best titles on the market have never been easier to find at prices that won’t break the bank.

We’re going to track down some of the best deals and games and tell you how you can save even more money and earn some great extra rewards using the Monetha online shopping rewards platform.

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The basics: what is PlayStation?

For anyone new to PlayStation gaming (I’m sure they must exist somewhere), let’s take a quick recap of what you might need to know.

The PlayStation is a gaming console designed and released by Sony back in 1994. Since then the console has gone through many iterations of the original; PS2, PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, and handheld versions, the PSP and PS Vita.

Games can be digital or physical

The games that can be played on the PS console are described as being either physical or digital.

Simply put, while costing almost the same as digital games, physical games come in a disc format. Digital games come as a downloadable version from the PlayStation official store.

The advantages and disadvantages between both media types are a bit like the long-running argument among music lovers around the world, ‘which is better, vinyl or digital?’

Both physical discs and their digital counterparts cost about the same and provide a similar experience. However, despite physical games still representing the majority of PlayStation games purchases, there is a noticeable move toward digital and cloud-based gaming.

The online PlayStation Store is the place where PlayStation aficionados go to get their digital games. Before purchasing games, the user needs to create a PlayStation Network account in order to avail of PlayStation deals and make regular purchases.

The pros and cons of digital versus physical

Physical games pros

  • If discs are cared for correctly they will provide years of smooth gaming

  • Owners can never be ‘locked out’ of physical games

  • Physical games are not reliant on a reliable internet connection

  • Physical games have a resale value

  • Collector’s item games can be worth more than their original prices

  • Discs and cartridges can be loaned or traded

Physical games cons

  • Physical game discs can be damaged or lost

  • Discs need to be reinserted for each game (BIG problem for us, lazy players!)

  • Dependent on reliable internet if played interactively online

Digital games pros

  • Digital PlayStation games are really convenient with instant download

  • Can be purchased instantly with no waiting time for retailers opening hours

  • Digital game deals never sell out, they are always available

  • Traveling with an extensive library of games is never a problem

  • Digital games offer the advantage of never breaking or getting lost

  • Pre-ordered games are often available for pre-installing before the official release

Digital games cons

  • While a rare occurrence, being locked of your account is possible for bad behavior

  • Some digital version of games can become unavailable due to licensing issues

  • Digital games are not real tangible commodities

What do you get with a PlayStation Store subscription?

The PlayStation Store is the platform where console owners find their games.

To buy an item from the Store and avail of great PlayStation deals, you will need to create a PlayStation Network account.

In order to buy games, you will need either a debit/credit card, a PayPal account, or make a purchase using a gift card. Sadly, if you live in an ‘unsupported’ geographical region, and want to download a game via PSN you will have to choose a viable region in order to make a gift card purchase and play online.

If you live in the USA, your gift card must be compatible with the US market. A USA gift card won’t activate in any other country.

For Monetha members, gift cards can be obtained from the company’s affiliate stores; Kinguin, Eneba, and many others.

What is a PlayStation Plus subscription?

To make greater savings, have access to more deals, and play online games you will need to create a PlayStation Plus subscription. Sony, the creators of PlayStation, has created a three-tier PlayStation Plus platform for users offering different bonuses.

PS Plus Essential

  • Play games online

  • Access to exclusive discounts

  • A monthly selection of free games for subscribers

PS Plus Extra

  • Play games online

  • Access to exclusive discounts

  • A monthly selection of free games for subscribers

  • Download and play hundreds of games via Game Catalog

PS Plus Premium

  • Play games online

  • Access to exclusive discounts

  • A monthly selection of free games for subscribers

  • Download and play hundreds of games via Game Catalog

  • Cloud streaming (think of “Netflix for games”)

  • Free game trials before making a decision to buy

What are the most popular Playstation games?

Before we take a look at some actual game deals here’s a brief overview of the main game types and genres.

Games can be classified into the following categories: action, adventure, arcade, sports, shooter, role-playing games, puzzles, casual, simulation and more.

13 top games for PS4

While many are making the transition to PS5 there are lots of great games and accessory deals for PS4 waiting to be bagged.

Here are 13 of the most popular games on the market right now.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Spider-Man protégé Miles Morales is having a hard time living up to his image. Insomniac Games returns with the Spider-Man sequel as he swings his way through the life-like cityscape of Manhattan acrobatically battling crime. Highly regarded as one of the most engaging games made for PS4.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Players will be overwhelmed by the freedom that this thrilling game holds. An adventure of tactical surveillance brilliance is made up of impeccably crafted parts that come together to create an absorbing experience that will be loved by serious gamers for years to come.

Monster Hunter: World – If you love hunting and RPG games, Monster Hunter: World sets you on the quest of hunting monsters that get bigger and bigger as you gather better gear and a better armory. As part of a series described as ‘notoriously challenging’, Monster Hunter: World is an accessible game that delivers the same immaculate gameplay as introduced by its forerunners.

Nioh 2 – According to dedicated PS4 gamers, ‘Nioh 2 takes everything the originals game built and evolves it magnificently, adding all sorts of nuances to the combat.’ However, these new developments come with a new kick of difficulty to curb your enthusiasm and deliver a swift roundhouse to your confidence. As RPGs go, Nioh 2 is an action-packed adventure through Japan’s Sengoku samurai era that comes with a supernatural twist and a host of new weapons and monsters to defeat.

Persona 5 Royal – Take a teen who’s been transferred to a new school and add the gift of superpowers for the main character, Joker, and his pals and you’ve got yourself a turn-based combat game that makes a breathable change from your regular ‘save-the-world’ plot. Their goal as part of their elite Phantom Thieves is to steal into the minds of adults to remove any trace of malice that may lie there.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir – When you hear the words, beauty, artistic, and adorable applied to a game you either walk away or are enthralled by what’s on the other side of the wall. If you cross that wall you’ll uncover larger-than-life characters that are formidable, complex, and endearing, but still, manage to maintain an affability that is easy to connect with. Follow the adventures of a young girl and her cat through the pages of a storybook that asks a myriad of questions of the player. Through 5 individual perspectives enter a world of visual beauty that is sure to live long in your memory.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Saddle up your virtual horse and get ready for some of the best cowboy action a PS4 game can deliver. Rockstar Games have opened up the Old West to all claim-stakers with Red Dead Redemption and have struck gold along the way. As sequels go, RDR expands on the already excellent gameplay mechanics with the introduction of enhanced gunplay and hand-to-hand combat. We don’t have a time machine to take you back to the world of the 19th-century frontier, but if we did, this would be it.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – For fans of the long-running franchise, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a survival-horror game that brings a freshness that feels like meeting an old friend in a new situation. While maybe a little tailed-back on action, the game offers an abundance of white-knuckle thrills that will keep you enthralled throughout.

Resident Evil Village – Just like a corpse that refuses to lie down Resident Evil Village follows the journey of Ethan Winters in a direct follow-on from Resident Evil 7. Welcome to eastern Europe and the Lords of the village, the four leaders of a complicated cult that will have you battling vampires, animated dolls, and blood-lusting lycan (a type of werewolf) in this first-person role as you seek to liberate Ethan’s daughter. Much improved on its predecessor brings you to a new and exciting locale while paying tribute to the franchise’s glorious past.

Samurai Shodown – You want brutal? You got it. Samurai Shodown’s stylized graphics add a depth of atmosphere to the game’s brutal and unforgiving simplicity. Based on the individual prowess of the samurai warriors, the game focuses on individual moves and stylism rather than a flurry of strikes more familiar to other combat games like Street Fighter V. But hey, who needs multiple strikes when one is good enough to do that job properly?

Shadow of the Colossus – If you can love an action-packed game for its haunting simplicity, I’m in love. This Sony classic was fully reimagined for the PS4 platform and succeeds in delivering ultra high-fidelity visuals while managing to maintain the simplest of movements and fighting mechanics of the original. In  hopes of resurrecting a sacrificed girl, you need to slay 16 stone colossi that roam the superbly crafted world, armed with nothing more than a sword, a bow, and your loyal horse. If you like climbing, and killing monsters, welcome to Shadow of the Colossus.

Street Fighter V – After its initial arrival on PS4, Street Fighter took many hurtful blows to its integrity. However, all of that is changed and Capcom has unleashed a newer more powerful beast to tame its detractors. With new fight systems like V-Skills and V-Triggers mechanics, the classic one-on-one fighting experience will heal the bloodied noses of even those who have turned their backs on the game in the past. Plus, the enemy types are guaranteed to offer the ultimate thrill for your bill.

Tekken 7 – When a one-on-one fight platform is described as ‘aging like a fine wine’ gamers sit up and take notice. For those who didn’t think it was possible to improve on this classic long-running franchise – with all the complexity it brings – the search is over with Tekken 7. Fully accessible to button mashers the game keeps on delivering beyond the boundaries of its cliched storytelling. For past players, the game retains its familiarity and feel focusing on the actual physical prowess of the protagonists rather than relying on the introduction of projectiles associated with other games in the genre.

Great deals on PS4 games and accessories

It takes money to keep up with what’s new in gaming, whether that means upgrading old friends or trying something new, getting value for money is paramount.

Monetha, the reward-based online shopping platform has partnered with some of the best games and accessories providers in the business to bring you better value for every purchase.

Every time you take advantage of games, consoles, or accessory deals with Monetha’s partners you’ll receive a reward in the form of points that can be redeemed for gift cards, crypto, or donations to charity. It’s a win-win situation.

With games specialists like Eneba, Gamesforplay, and Kinguin as partners Monetha can take your gaming experience to another level.

Eneba is a platform focused on gaming, founded in 2018. It works as a digital key and in-game currencies marketplace – it’s one of the most popular websites in this category. There, you can buy digital keys and game codes from a variety of sellers for affordable prices. The marketplace allows you to find great deals from all kinds of games such as Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Monster Hunter Rise, Minecraft, The Sims, Two Point Campus, and more.


With the introduction of the PS5 console, games for PS4 have dropped in price as stockists rush to offload their stocks.

As good as it may be to receive a discount on your purchase, a discount with the added bonus of an additional reward is even better. To get the best PlayStation deals try using a credit or debit card that offers a cashback facility, or shop online using a reward program like Monetha that offers gift cards, crypto, and the ability to make charitable donations in return for your purchase with the company’s partners.

Digital PlayStation games offer the convenience of instant download once payment has been processed. This means there is no delivery times or the possibility of a lost-in-transit situation. Unless a digital game is taken off the Playstation store, digital PS4 games never sell out, so it’s rare that you’ll miss that new release or back title.

Digital games can’t get lost or damaged, and are often available for pre-installing even before the title’s general release date.

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Best deals can be even better! We give you 4.5% cashback on top of all gaming deals from our catalogue. 

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