April Fool’s Day – silly gifts

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It’s here! It’s finally here! The day when all your silly jokes are applauded, and pranks of dubious entertainment value are expected. Yup, it’s April Fool’s day, and you’ve probably been cooking up a mischief or two for this day only.

April Fool’s is not only about jokes and pranks, and if the latter is not really your cup of tea but you’d wish to mark the day in some other way, there are always silly gifts and novelty items. Think of stuff like fart cushions, puddles of puke forever frozen in plastic, and a stick of gum that zaps you. Yet, those old-school thingamajigs might also not be the thing you’re looking for, and if you’re starting to worry about your chances of finding the perfect gift, gag, or novelty, relax – this article is full of suggestions of things that are on-spot with all the April Fool’s vibe and works incredibly well for the occasion. 

And lastly, you know what they say – an item is just a regular item until it is given to a completely wrong person. 

Anyway, ready to check out what we have in store (pardon the pun!) for you? 


8% cashback

To kick off our list, we have Chargrilled – the ultimate store for funny, retro, and offensive T-shirts. Nope, you won’t find any of the ‘My parents went to Aruba, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’ kind of stuff; let’s give it a rest already. Instead, you’ll find loads of puns, tons of funny drawings, and phrases that might be completely appropriate unless you give the shirt to your co-worker or mom. Well, you get the gist – Chargrilled might be your top choice for an evergreen April Fool’s prank. 


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Next on our list is Scribbler – a store full of outrageously rude, ridiculously funny, sickeningly sweet, but most importantly, incredibly bold items. And that’s their own words! After a bit of research, we can confirm it, though, because Scribbler does have the craziest assortment of items you wouldn’t have even dreamed of – from kooky plushies to keychains to seasonal stuff, they literally have it all and double that. So, if you’re unsure what exactly you would like to get for your April Fool’s prank, we bet you’ll find some excellent ideas here. 

Dean Morris Cards

16% cashback

Yup, Dean is an actual person, and he started this outlandish business way back in 1999, survived the Y2K scare, and continues to produce the rudest greeting cards and the most awesome gifts. And when we say ‘rude,’ we truly mean it! However, that doesn’t mean these not-so-politically correct cards are useless; you just only have to find a person that shares your incredible sense of humor! For one, though, they are truly original, and you won’t find this sort of item anywhere else – scout’s promise.

8% cashback

Right in the middle of our list is Fun, and as they call themselves, they’re the number one merchants of all items that are meant purely for fun. However, we did visit their store, and we did some snooping around and found out that some of their merchandise is actually more than just for fun. How could a Halloween costume of Ghostbusters’ Slime be just for fun? It’s a statement piece to be used walking around the house or taking the trash out! 

Okay, besides Slime, you’ll find tons of novelty items at Fun, including but not limited to collectibles, home & office items, Harry Potter-themed clothing, and tons upon tons of toys and games. And all of them are genuinely fun!

Happy Socks

8% cashback

Is there a person in the world who is not excited to get a pair of funny socks? We highly doubt it, and that’s why we’ve included Happy Socks on our list. A pair of funky socks is the absolute perfect choice if you’re not that into all that prank or rude stuff; however, it doesn’t mean such a pair won’t make the receiver laugh-cry. Can you imagine your dad wearing blue socks with hundreds of cute white bunnies on them? See, we told you it’s funny! 


4.8% cashback

Gadgets, GADgets, GADGETS! Yup, you got it; Menkind is all about knitting. Hah, got you there for a moment, didn’t I? On a more serious note, Menkind is a vendor that has all sorts of funny, serious, just-for-fun, useful, and seemingly useless gadgets. From tron arms to scratch your back to drones, monocles, and popcorn machines, you’ll find all sorts of incredible electronics that are absolutely perfect for April Fool’s pranks or gifts.

Besides all the nifty gadgets, there are also tons of gifts for men (sorry, ladies, that’s just what the store says!) that could be either truly useful and appreciated or laughed at and cherished. Either way, you have to check out this awesome store!

Pop In A Box

8% cashback

And last but definitely not least is a store called Pop In A Box, but you might know them better by the name of one of their products – Funko Pop. Yeah, exactly, those funny big-headed statuettes! And while we probably don’t need to introduce them any further, you might not have been aware that Pop In A Box also has tons of uniquely designed items, such as homeware and collectibles, while also donning a hefty assortment of clothing referencing all kinds of pop culture phenomena. So, if your idea of a gag is a bit more sophisticated than a fart cushion or plastic puke, try Pop In A Box.

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