Community Update, August 2021

Hello Monethians! We are hard at work accomplishing the goals set in Monetha’s Roadmap for 2021. These past months proved to be fruitful and we would like to share with you what has been achieved since we last spoke. So, let’s get into it.

Validation of the concept

Our main goal for H1 2021 was to validate the concept of the Monetha Identity and make sure that it is valuable both for businesses and consumers. As stated in the roadmap, we aimed to fulfill three main objectives:

  • Onboard advisors,
  • Determine data points with high value for businesses,
  • Engage early adopters from eCommerce businesses.

We have been working closely with several eCommerce shops from the United Kingdom and Baltic states, testing our ideas and assumptions under real-life conditions to find out what value zero-party and first-party data can bring and what exactly it should be to have the best effect.

As a result, we have shaped a solid basis to the B2B side of the Monetha Identity platform. Its value goes far beyond simply bringing businesses zero-party data from Monetha Identity users. Instead, it aims to bring businesses ready-to-use marketing insights based on all data they have. The solution enriches first-party data that businesses already have with Monetha’s zero-party data and analyzes it as a whole using machine learning algorithms.

We also have onboarded affiliate and loyalty program advisors from Italy, Spain, France and Poland. They will be handling regional markets and validating our product-market fit there.

Monetha Identity application

The team is currently focused on the analytical part of the solution, i.e., turning raw data into valuable insights while keeping it in accordance with GDPR and other privacy acts. All development works on the improved MVP are going to begin in September.

Starting from October, a new Product Director of Monetha Identity with vast experience in eCommerce loyalty will join Monetha. He will be leading the development of the consumer part of the solution and, among other things, help to design the most effective utilization of MTH token within the whole ecosystem.

The Monetha team thanks you for your continued support and we can’t wait to share more news with you when they will be ready for a public announcement. In the meantime, you can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Telegram. Until next time!

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