Meet new Monetha in 2021

Time to sum up the results of 2020. No one would argue that it’s been a challenging year. Despite that, we have significantly reinforced the team and continued our work on the technology and market validation throughout the year.

We focused on the Monetha Identity application. It was much more than only a technical challenge as we stepped out from being a payment gateway and had to find a new market niche — reusable digital identity. To some extent, it has always been in the core of our Monetha platform, although the payments were the main value proposition.

In 2021 we aim to go further with the Monetha Identity and the concept of data exchange. Our goal is to let users utilize personal data as a valuable everlasting asset and improve online interactions. Currently, users can get discounts in online shops for sharing their data.

We are working on extending the benefits users may get — paybacks, personalized customer experience, free delivery, etc.

As a result of such business-customer interaction, companies get huge benefits of data-driven decisions and users keep control of their digital fingerprints.

Be in charge of your personal data!

Andrej Ruckij, CTO

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