Monetha Identity = 5-star customer experience

When we shop, we want to be treated in the best possible way. Many of us would choose more expensive products or services for a better customer experience: it saves us time and energy and leaves us satisfied.

Online shopping gives us the ability to conduct commerce from the comfort of our homes, but at the same time, limits personalization, especially with the latest third-party cookies blocking initiatives. Moreover, when shops get data about you, it’s mostly used for advertisement or providing essential services — not personalized customer experience.

Monetha Identity is designed to solve this issue and let shops treat you the way you deserve. It enables online shops to provide the most accurate personalization and the most rewarding customer experience to Monetha Identity users everywhere.

When you link your Monetha Identity to a shop, you may let them know about your interests and preferences. Your profile indicates what kind of personalization would work best for you. As a result, you get unique recommendations, special offers, and anything else that matters to you.

Your personalized customer experience is built around the part of the digital profile you choose to share. You can share it all or just a part — you are the one in control. In Monetha Identity, no one can see your profile unless you explicitly share it.

Ready to stand out from the crowd? Install Monetha Identity now and start building your digital profile!

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