Monetha App Update: New Shops, Sign up Bonus and Charity Donations

Hi Monethians, we’re back with new updates! Let’s take a look.

New shops have been added​

Just the other day we had 160 merchants to choose from in categories of Clothing, Electronics, Travel, Home, Food and more. We now have added a bunch of new shops! So, the new shops add up to a total of… *does an incredibly difficult math equation* 🤖

370! That’s right, it’s more than a double we previously had which means there are more than twice as many opportunities for our users to accumulate points and exchange them to rewards!! And the rewards are indeed fantastic, just take a look at this NordVPN + Monetha example.

Claim your sign up bonus​


We’ve also added a sign up bonus for all new Monetha app users. Every new user gets 200 Monetha points Monetha Rewards just by creating an account on the Monetha platform. Create your profile and claim the reward.

Exchange points to donations​

Last but not least, the Monetha team has just added charity donations to the mobile app. From now on, you will be able to spend your Monetha Points Monetha Rewards on charity donations to hundreds of globally trusted charities!

Earn Monetha Points Monetha Rewards by shopping via the app and convert them into charity donations, it’s that simple.

When you enter the amount of Monetha Points Monetha Rewards you want to spend you will see how much your selected charity receives.

Charity donations conclude our initial reward options. Accumulate Monetha Points Monetha Rewards and exchange them for gift cards, crypto and charity donations.

The new update is available for download on App Store and Google Play:


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