Make a wish: Introducing gift cards wishlist

Although we’d be absolutely content with just scrolling the Monetha app and checking out the awesome deals all day long here at Monetha HQ, we’re no snoozers when it comes to creating new app features and offering you even better deals.

Enter Monetha Wishlist.

Yeah, we know what wishlists usually work like – you find the things you’d like to get someday, you put them in a list, and then forget all about it until the items are no longer available.

Well, Monetha’s Wishlist is not a regular list where wanted items go to gather dust. This one’s actually useful and profitable!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You want to purchase an Amazon gift card, donate to a charity, or get crypto tokens but don’t have the necessary amount of points at the moment;
  2. Put that gift card, charity, or crypto on your Wishlist – these items will be visible in the Redeem section;
  3. Once it’s there, track your point progress;
  4. When you have enough points for the item you had an eye on, you simply click the Get button!
  5. Voila! The gift card, crypto, or charity donation is now all yours, and as usual – it’s completely free.
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