Unlock value of Additional Customer Data

Optimize and gain more from your e-shop business by using additional data provided by your customers.

Data is arguably the most important asset to any business. As a business, you collect customer data so that you can provide the best service to your consumers. However, there is much more useful user data that you do not collect, but, in many cases, should, which is additional customer data.

Additional data provided by a customer helps to better segment (group) your customers who have same, or similar attributes to others. Effective use of segmentation increases marketing ROI.

This data also allows you to connect with an individual in a more personalized way, so you can communicate and tailor user experience more accurately. As a result, you will build a long-term relationship with your customer, thus increasing customer retention.

So, how do you get additional data from your customers?
 Monetha’s digital identity app allows your customers to securely and privately share personal information with your business, and in exchange for it, you can offer personalized discounts, vouchers, etc. so that they would be inclined to share this data with you.

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