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About Goop

Goop is a trusted online hub for clean beauty, timeless fashion, and holistic wellness. The brand prioritizes effective, luxurious beauty products free from harmful ingredients, with top notch selections from premium brands and their own glow-inducing skincare line.

In fashion, Goop focuses on timeless essentials for a versatile wardrobe, showcasing it in monthly G. Label capsule collections. While Goop’s wellness shop features thoroughly selected tools vetted by in-house scientists, they also offer a thoughtfully curated sex shop, recognizing pleasure as integral to overall well-being.

Make Goop a part of your lifestyle with its clean beauty, fashion, wellness tools, and more.

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Goop FAQs

Who owns Goop?

Goop is owned by Gwyneth Paltrow, the very same Academy Award-winning actress we all know so well from the Hollywood movies. Besides being Hollywood’s mega star and Goop’s owner and CCO, Paltrow is also an author of three best-selling cookbooks.

Why is Goop so successful?

Goop’s success can be partly accredited to Paltrow’s name, but that isn’t the only factor. Goop was among the first (if not the first) celebrity-owned lifestyle brands of such scale. The brand’s curated collection of wellness, lifestyle, and beauty products quickly became trend setting with Goop becoming a highly influential brand in the industry. And although to some Goop might seem quite extravagant, millions of customers like it exactly because of that.

Why is it called Goop?

Goop’s name is partly a joke, partly a very well thought-through idea. When it was time to name the company, branding legend Peter Arnell told Paltrow that every successful internet company has a double O in their name (think Google). So, Paltrow took her initial and inserted the double O between them. At the same time, she wanted a word that means nothing, but could mean anything. And although it is quite quirky, we think she succeeded.

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