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Thorne Research Basic Nutrient 2-Day - 60 Capsules Discounts and Cashback
Thorne Research Basic Nutrient 2-Day - 60 Capsules
Thorne Research Basic Nutrient 2-Day offers a daily multi-vitamin with essential nutrients to keep your body healthy and thriving. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, this formula allows you to maintain optimal nutrition with just two capsules per day, providing support for heart, brain, nerves, immune system, bone, and skin health.
Thorne Research Basic Prenatal - 90 Capsules Discounts and Cashback
Thorne Research Basic Prenatal - 90 Capsules
Thorne Research Basic Prenatal is a gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free daily multi designed for women trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing. This well-researched formula is tailored to nourish both mom and support baby's development from pre-conception through nursing, free from additives and coatings commonly found in mainstream prenatal supplements.
Thorne Research Berberine - 60 Capsules Discounts and Cashback
Thorne Research Berberine - 60 Capsules
Thorne Research Berberine is a meticulously crafted supplement designed to promote gut health, support healthy aging, fortify heart and vessels, aid immune function, and provide metabolism support. This well-researched botanical, historically used in Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal traditions, is presented in Thorne's high-quality formula featuring berberine HCl.
Thorne Research Magnesium Citramate - 90 Capsules Discounts and Cashback
Thorne Research Magnesium Citramate - 90 Capsules
Thorne Research Magnesium Citramate is a gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free supplement, offering a well-absorbed form of magnesium to support heart and skeletal muscles. Vital for over 600 enzymatic processes, this formula promotes healthy cardiac and lung function, bone density, muscle tenderness, and reduces fatigue.

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About Thorne Research

At Thorne Research, we’re all about helping you live your healthiest life at every age. We believe in personalized wellness – tailoring our products to suit your unique needs and goals, making it easy for you to feel your best.

Our range of products includes cutting-edge testing that gives you personalized health insights, along with educational resources and carefully crafted supplements designed to support your specific health journey. Whether you’re aiming for more energy, better sleep, or overall well-being, Thorne is here to guide you.

What sets us apart is our Thorne Health Intelligence platform, a smart system that uses advanced technology to understand your health at a deeper level. It takes into account your health tests, surveys, and a wealth of research to offer personalized health recommendations. Our team of experts has decades of combined experience and has published thousands of scientific papers – we know our stuff.

When it comes to our products, we want you to feel confident. That’s why we run thorough clinical trials to ensure their safety and effectiveness. We rely on the latest scientific research to not only confirm the benefits of our supplements but also to discover new ways they can support your well-being.

We’re not just about selling products; we’re on a mission to make personalized, scientific wellness accessible to everyone. Your health journey is unique, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Thorne Research is not just a brand; it’s your partner in achieving lifelong health and happiness.

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Thorne Research FAQs

How much CBD is in each Thorne 1,000-mg Hemp Oil + softgel?

Each softgel contains 15 mg of more than 80 naturally occurring phytocannabinoids found in hemp, clove, and pepper. While cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these 80-plus phytocannabinoids, Thorne does not specifically measure the amount of CBD in its Hemp Oil + product.

How does Thorne ensure the efficacy of its supplements?

Thorne is committed to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of its nutritional supplement products through a robust clinical trials program. Our confidence in the efficacy of each product stems from extensive clinical research and medical literature that confirm the presence of each ingredient in every formula.

What are the reward tiers in the Thorne Rewards program?

Each member in the Thorne Rewards program is categorized into a Reward Tier, determined by their purchases of Thorne products over a 12-month period from the initial enrollment date. Different Reward Tiers come with distinct benefits for the members.

How do I get started on the Thorne website?

For consumers embarking on their health and wellness journey, the Get Started page provides access to Thorne’s product quizzes, health and fitness bundles, and at-home health tests.

These resources will help you in determining the nutrients your body needs and the optimal form for you. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact the Thorne customer care team for assistance.

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