Account manager

Job description

What we do

In a world of complexity, we offer simplicity through consistent, world-class services and integrated solutions in performance and loyalty marketing for eCommerce businesses.

With consumer intelligence at the heart of everything we do, we help brands win, keep, and grow their best customers across all marketing mix elements.

Our creative marketing team works closely with world-class data experts to help businesses move forward. No gut feeling, only decisions backed by data.


If you are a dedicated, business-minded, and passionate digital account manager, join our team. You can sense the client’s anticipation of something unique from a distance, and you are able to provide it right away. You naturally strive for the finest outcomes and are aware that the win-win-win phase is inevitable.

We require your full-time presence in the office at first, but once we establish the appropriate workflow, you will be able to work from anywhere in the world.


  • Leverage the companies’ capabilities and expertise (strategy, services & data/insights) to bring innovative and creative solutions to our clients
  • Build strong relationships and be viewed as a trusted advisor with senior client and industry stakeholders
  • Overseeing the clients’ digital performance strategies, coordinating and acting as PPC for online media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, YouTube) advertising campaigns and optimizing their performance, as well as analyzing clients’ needs and preparing presentations
  • Acting as the point of contact for clients and internal teams
  • Understanding clients’ expectations, optimizing campaigns and applying proactive measures to achieve goals
  • Deepen relationships to ensure retention and growth
  • Meeting with clients to understand their project goals and requirements
  • Monitoring project progress and clearing roadblocks.


  • Have strong project management, digital systems understanding and organizational skills
  • Solid knowledge of marketing strategies, data analysis and reporting
  • Ability to nurture and retain client and employee relationships
  • Strong negotiation and problem-solving skills
  • 2+ years of a similar experience
  • Proactivity (we hate supervision and micromanagement)
  • Perfect English.


  • Flexible working hours
  • Work with professionals of your field
  • Multicultural and diverse environment
  • Free parking
  • Learning budget
  • Sports and leisure
  • Possibility to work remotely


2000-3500 EUR
Keep in mind that we are open to discussing a different salary based on your skills and competencies
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Our rules of life

What we value

Do what you love

At Monetha, we don’t care about titles. Whatever you are good at, we will find the best spot for you to learn, grow and outperform yourself.

Keep experimenting

You never innovate without experimenting. We always prefer trying new things out to arguments around a table. We aren’t afraid to fail, we are afraid to be mediocre.

Stay data-driven

Data guides us in everyday work. It is the most unbiased advisor one can have. We use it to make decisions, verify ideas, and measure success.

Build a fair data world

Data is the cornerstone of Monetha. Our mission is to let everyone benefit from it, either by being rewarded for sharing data or by turning it into valuable knowledge.


Why Monetha?

Flexible working hours

Want to sleep more or ride
a bike during a workday? Feel free.

Time off

You can always have time off when you need whatever is the reason.

Sports and leisure

Sports equipment, gaming consoles, and massagers right at the office.

Workspace your way

We will provide you with tools or a budget to make your workspace shine.

Learning budget

A learning budget to keep
growing professionally
and personally.