MOON Cosmetics

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MOON Cosmetics is led by a team of experts in science, biochemistry, and cosmetic chemistry who are dedicated to developing optimized, balanced, and effective cosmetic formulas suitable for all skin types. Their testing of advanced cosmetic formulas takes place at the Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University using innovative methods and cutting-edge equipment.

The team recognizes the importance of carefully analyzing the compatibility of various ingredients to effectively address human skin issues. Hence, during the development phase, the MOON Cosmetics formulas undergo significant attention to this aspect. They ensure that every formula incorporates the most efficient and superior quality materials, backed by knowledge from various scientific fields.

MOON Cosmetics values the well-being of both people and nature, advocating for a change in the conventional approach to cosmetics. They rely on scientific verification to confirm the efficacy of all synergistic cosmetic formulas and their positive impact on human skin.