Drive repeat sales

Become a partner

Make customers stick with your brand.

Reward visitors and encourage them to spend more and buy again with Monetha: Loyalty & Rewards.

Six reasons to install Monetha

Why Monetha?

Your future loyalty program is just 
a few clicks away!

Ultimate loyalty program

A loyalty program with rewards helps to keep your customers for longer and encourages them to spend more.

Refined for customers

It’s built to give your customers what they want — rewards. Clear, simple, effective.

Unlimited orders in free plan

We don’t charge for features. Enjoy as many orders and loyalty members as you want. For free.

No code needed

The loyalty program works out of the box. No developer nor coding is needed.

Additional promotion

We promote our partners on Monetha mobile app, social media, and paid adds. 

Reason #7: Loyalty points with real value

Points with value

Your customers can spend loyalty points on crypto and gift cards from big players like Amazon, Airbnb, Apple, H&M, IKEA, PS Store, and many more.

Trigger visitors' actions with unique offers

Use cases

Realtime sales conversion campaigns are just 
a few clicks away!

Convert points 
into sales

Users earn points from our entire ecosystem so they come ready to apply benefits.

Realtime customer

Reward visitors’ actions: purchase, re-purchase, subscribe, like, refer a friend.

Refer users and earn extra revenue

Contribute to the Monetha ecosystem and accelerate your earnings.

Earn incremental revenue

Optimise your ARPU with ancillary revenue via our referral program.

Expand your sales reach with loyalty

Join a global ecosystem & boost first-time and repeat purchases.

Earn loyal

Activate mechanisms for customers to come back and spend more.

New sales

Better discoverability by being featured in the ever growing Monetha app.

Join a global loyalty ecosystem & instantly boost first-time and repeat purchases

How it works?


Our mission

Existing users arrive with points ready 
to convert into sales on your shop

Eager to spend more as they earn more points when they interact with your loyalty campaigns

Your online shop

You configure your loyalty 

Trade points for discounts and incentivise (repeat) purchases

Reward visitors and boost sales when they perform actions such as checkout, subscribe to your newsletter or like your socials

Earn points when you refer 
a new Monetha user

Join a global loyalty ecosystem & instantly boost first-time and repeat purchases

How it works?

Like magic!

Reward customers with loyalty points when they buy.

Set the number of points you reward for specific categories and products.

Customers: spend their rewards on crypto and gift cards. You: increase retention.

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