Decathlon gift cards and vouchers

Decathlon is a leading international sports retailer with over 2,050 stores in 56 countries, but according to the brand, the company is much more than that. A family-owned company founded in 1976, Decathlon operates under the belief that top-quality sports products should be readily available to everyone, regardless of age, ability, race, or anything else.

With both a high-street and online presence Decathlon is committed to providing the best quality at the lowest possible price, along with offering expert advice from highly experienced Decathlon sports professionals.

Decathlon doesn’t believe that any sporting pursuit should be regarded as elitist and reserved for the privileged few. That’s why the company is more than just a reseller, Decathlon is unique by having an in-house creative studio and a team of sporting experts who draw on their experience to design, create, and manufacture Decathlon’s own brand of quality sportswear and sporting equipment.


Decathlon gift cards come in a range of values from £10 to £250 and in a range of designs. Gift card purchasers can even upload their own photographs to be used as part of the gift card’s design.

While there are some, Decathlon gift cards come with very few terms and conditions. 

  • Gift cards can be used only to pay for purchases made in Decathlon shops and the Decathlon online store.
  • Cards can be used more than once and may be supplemented by other payment methods.
  • Cards lost or stolen cannot be replaced.
  • Gift cards are sold to individuals for personal use only for variable amounts from £10 to £250.
  • Gift cards are valid for 24 months after its activation.
  • Physical gift cards are automatically activated 72 hours after receipt, while e-gift cards sent by e-mail are automatically activated.
  • Gift cards, even partially used, cannot be exchanged for cash.

Decathlon gift card holders can use their cards to make a purchase as soon as they receive them. They then have 24 months in which to use the card next.

For goods ordered using a gift card, customers have the right to cancel an order within a period of 14 days after the goods have been received. The right to a refund or replacement does not apply to certain items such as, made-to-order items, personalized gift cards, flowers, audio or video recordings, food items, computer games and software, toiletries, cosmetics, and pierced earrings. 

Sadly, if your Decathlon gift card is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced or redeemed. That’s why a gift card should be treated in the same way as cash.

Yes, you can use a personalized image for your Decathlon gift card. However, it’s worth noting that the picture or text can be used at Decathlon’s sole discretion. The imagery and/or text can be refused on moral, ethical, or religious grounds. Decathlon will not print cards that it considers disrespectful to human dignity, the protection of minors, along with the values of Decathlon.

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